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Blade and Soul: Gender Limitations?

Recently, the moderator of Blade and Soul board on NCsoft official forum revealed the latest info about Blade and Soul and answered some of the key questions raised by the players. The revealed info includes some stories of the four races covered in the impressive promotion trailer unveiled in GStar 2009.


Although bearing ordinary looks, the Jin folks are a special group of humans in possession of an incarnate body and a pure spirit. The Jin normally has an outstanding skeleton and a more dynamic brain that is good at comprehension. Different from the other races, the Jin people can usually develop a multitude of abilities.

As fulfilling their name Jin, which indicates trying the best, this people will make full use of everything within their reach to complete any task they have accepted. They will never give up till the end.

Some will, at first glance, take the Jin people as a perfect embodiment of wisdom and struggle. Having integrated such morality and ability, they will master the highest level of Kung-fu and knowledge much faster than any other human. Most of the famous Kung-fu masters and outstanding geniuses are from this race. They are open, optimistic and strongly inclined to justice. Therefore, most of them are living as knight-errands who help others dealing with hardships and miseries. However, some of them have not fully learnt their own abilities. These Jins, not in a few, are spending their life in the human world as criminals.

Gon, a race born out of the dragon's breath

Any male player shall play a Gon character. This saying seems to have dominated most male players. No doubt, the Gon people, an emblem of strength, will impress everyone with their power and valiance. In contrast to the players' guess, this gigantic race has both male and female genders.

The female Gons are distinguished from the women of other races by their extraordinary height and sexy muscle. In comparison with any other race, they are more inclined to bold action and destruction, thus much feared by the ordinary people. Although they are usually wronged for their tough looks, their hospitality and selflessness are not inferior to others.

The Gon, representing the spirit of the earth, proves to be more trustworthy and reliable in company. However, their simple but stubborn character may be used by evil forces. They might turn out the most horrible beings if made enemy. As ancient tales have it, this race was born out of the dragon's breath, henceforth carrying the curse put on the dragons by the gods. Now, the Gon people have taken this curse as their fate. They wander in the human world and help others deal with various difficulties, as if to atone for their sin.


The Kun people, endowed with the force of phoenix, wear a look of the fairy ladies who descend from the Heaven. They possess unparallel grace and beauty. They are said to represent an ideal image admired by all male beings. Their beauty is rare to see in this world.

There is no male among the Kun people. This is an exclusively female race. Due to their beauty and grace, they are usually mistaken as goddesses or fairy ladies descending from the Heaven. The name of Kun, which stands for the sky, also derives from the fact that they look like errands from the Heaven. The start and birth of this race have always been a myth since the old days. They prefer the contact with nature to any worldly pursuit. They place a tremendous emphasis on order and balance, and entertain themselves with music and poetry in hidden mountains and rivers. In order to pacify this chaotic world, the Kun people are undertaking negotiation with many sides to restore honesty and order.


This little and dainty race features big ears, tails and lovely looks. Indeed, their folks possess many kinds of ears and tails. At this moment, only the fox model and the leopard cat model have been made public.

This race is born with five senses more sensitive than others, thus a stronger ability to survive than any other race. Embodied the ability of the legendary creature, the Kylin, the Lyn folks are able to communicate with the realm of the dead, as well as look through many secrets and mysteries hidden from ordinary human eyes. However, this ability is usually mistaken by the public as an evil omen, which in turn creates and spreads many evil tidings against the Lyn folks. The Lyns are gentle and disciplined in general, however, they sometimes play mischievous tricks. They mean no evil in such mischief. It is only a cultural norm brought by their unique connection with the realm of the dead. Acting as a bridge across life and death, the Lyns are focusing on the development of their abilities to bring peace upon the living and the dead alike.

Credits: MMOsite

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