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ESTsoft Follow Up to Illusion Castle

Haven't explored the Illusion Castle Underworld yet? Still no sign of the Mergaheph ring? Make your move because ESTsoft has just released a new update for an upcoming Cabal patch!

This is Phase 2 of the Cabal developer's overhaul of their top online game. Improvements are continually being made for players' enjoyment, a means to be at par with other games currently out in the market.

Two Earrings

Illusion Castle B2F

width="350" length="500">

[DX]Dungeon Frost or Frosted Dungeon

Patch Notes

▶ silseobeo Updates
■ fixes
• Delete quest NPC on top of the scroll that was left after the error correction
•특 Battle Mode icon, tooltip under certain circumstances, error correction did not go away
• EXP Bonus Party with error correction did not level up
•Dungeons move my bike was abnormally error correction
• Skill displayed amplified error correction was abnormally
•(17:30 수정) Quest did not give a specific error correction (17:30 Edit)
•(17:30 수정) Do not use the guild warehouse taepbubune numbers are marked error correction (17:30 Edit)
•(17:30 수정) Under certain circumstances, error correction did not choose changgotaep (17:30 Edit)
•(17:30 수정) PVP / versus-guild combat was underlined when the timer error correction (17:30 Edit)
•(17:30 수정) Select from the menu and chat chat chat switched to an abnormal error correction (17:30 Edit)
•(17:30 수정) Security was part of the guild emblem Error Correction (17:30 Edit)
•(17:30 수정) Options 'default value', and then clear the error correction even be saved as default (17:30 Edit)
•(19:00 수정) Neutral character Placing the mouse cursor over a monster attack error correction did not change the mouse cursor (19:00 Edit)
•(19:00 수정) Rimoteusyap card is used in certain circumstances, an exit error correction (19:00 Edit)
•(19:00 수정) Whispered the name of the character using the Tab key from the duplicate output error correction (19:00 Edit)
■ Changes
•Premium service users only increase the number of consignment shops register 7 into expansion slots
- Free users is the same as the existing premium service only applies to users.
- Premium service users with a total of 10 slots are available and consignment shops.
- Blessing Bead Plus is an exception.
•Instructors from the NPC in the inventory window open to use the skills within the seukilbuk train instructors on changes to be visible in the list of NPC
• Of the party menu 'items acquired Settings window, even if the content does not change the' OK 'button to be clicked to change
• Improving the mouse cursor
- For an attack on the target your mouse cursor over the shape of change.
• Gage experience tooltip
- Point 3 digits for displaying many ways the experience has changed.
•Change options
- Preferences, game settings, chat settings, a key set, and AutoText settings tab has been added.
- Preferences tab, mute option has been added.
- Game Settings tab options have been added.
ο characters whisper wookeulrikeuro Send
ο show off skills
ο PK force
ο Hover your mouse pointer at the end of the screen rotation
Show tips on ο Games
- Numeric option to remove kwikseulrot
- Kwikseulrot kimaeppingeul set by using the options available.
• Join chat channels, changing the way Exit
- Participate in the chat window and exit the existing methods used to set this option in the chat entry, exit in a way that has changed.
•Change the entire UI
- In-game NPC shops, quests, consignment shops, and the UI has been renewed.
•Tagetchang UI changes
- Monster Targeting at the level of the monster appears.
- Monster targeted at the color of the gauge bar has been changed to yellow.
•Changing your chat window
- Chat in the chat window open button has been added to the Settings tab.
- Change chat mode, the window has been added.
- Original War GPS Mission GPS appearance has changed shape and the same.
•Gail at the party, even if the enemy knew the character's name changed to allow a party applications
•Although the characters are different between the world through chat commands can be changed to a party invitation
•Whisper of the chat window to allow for changes kaerikteomyeong jwakeulrik
•NPC remote shop opened three stores closed cell or not to move, even if the change
•'Anima rune' is marked as an item, consignment shops for my text, 'pet' changes
•If the state party, seven from the pile to get at least one experience or change
•New skills, and combat skills of the main quest reward upon completion, change skill book
•'The power of evil sealed ring' that the existing store sales in the 100,000 Alz 0Alz changes
•'Core Upgrade Part 1' Quest rewards to upgrade core (lower) into a change
• Starter town three places when creating the character map. Receive code changes based on the warp
- The existing three-level positions or later as part of the warp center position to allow more than one level was changed.
•Port Lux 'instructor Harper' Change
•'Miracle key' to stop the drop-manufacturing materials
- The future of Chaos Arena is scheduled to be updated with the new changes.
•Change the default font size
- YD2002.ttf 14.2-> 13.0 / Arial.ttf 12.5-> 12.0 has been changed.
•Change the number of possible extensions into ongoing quest 7
•Ongoing quest for the whole dungeon quests have changed the GPS to all pyosihaeju
•NPC overhead scrolling display to change the way
- Existing: If you get the quest Quest NPC progression on the head, regardless of 'open form of the gray scroll' Show
- Change: If you receive a quest NPC in the next step only for the head 'open the scroll-shaped yellow' Show
•Ongoing with both the Quest and the start of the quest NPC's heads above the monks continue to scroll to first change the pyosihaeju
• Consignment shops' World entering the items' category 'dungeon entry items as marked changes
• Radiant Hall deuraniswi daesinjeon 'ongoing quest to change how
• Radiant Hall kieniseu of chaos and darkness, 'Change the range of attack
• Radiant Hall 'jealousy and blood jeyimwi' shorten the time change of the spike
•(17:30 수정) Forced PK, show off skills at the option of entering the World to be released unconditionally Change (17:30 Edit)
■ Additions
•OTP Add OTP system
•New Mission Dungeon 'illusion Radiant Castle Hall added
- Admission restrictions: 130Lv (BS11 or more)
- (X:171, Y:175) - Entries are: Lakeside (X: 171, Y: 175)
- Enter the item: alien apocalypse
- Ongoing limited time: 180 minutes
•Unique earrings New 'Drogheda seu Ninh Earring' More
New Mission Dungeon 'illusion Radiant Castle Hall' unique quest in
[Cursed deuroseunin] Quest reward is paid upon completion, depending on the probability of the box will drop.
- Draw a character's earrings seu Ninh has vested property, the character can wear up to 2 per.
•Introducing a new mission dungeon quest 'for the word of welcome on the' Add
- Can perform level: 130Lv more
- Start NPC: Magic Trader nodaka Green Discover Fire
•DX new dungeons 'katakum Frost' More
- Admission restrictions: 110Lv (BSLV 11 or more)
- Admission Location: Bloody Ice (X: 219, Y: 184)
- Entering items: frozen clues
- Ongoing limited time: 20 minutes
•Introduction of new DX Dungeon Quest 'cemetery, children, and disappeared Add Quest
- Can perform level: 110Lv more
- Start NPC: Bloody Ice haberdasher Dayton
•Find Party Add-ons
- P button, if a party state to a party wookeulrikeuro windows you can open the UI.
- 10 levels belonging to the party is not over 10,002 characters and a party can be registered.
- Find a party in the dungeon at the entry registration will be preserved.
- Up to 50 parties per server, you can register to find.
• Add 11 Quest
- Can perform level: 65Lv more
- Repeat every day, you can perform quests were added.
- 11 The Quest of the next reporting point at 0 can be re-done.
- Compensation / Mission-by-one can proceed by selecting one quest.
Compensation & Mission NPC Start NPC Quest Start
Experience Rewards
Field Aid Monster Bloody Ice
Guard Miles Simon's assignment sheet
Experience Rewards
Dungeon Monster Mission Church Bloody Ice
Guard Miles Peurwiteuui mission application
AXP Compensation
Field Aid Monster Bloody Ice
Runes agent peulrasya - -
Guild Rewards points
Church Mission dungeon bosses Bloody Ice
Guard Miles Henkopeuui assignment sheet
AXP Compensation
Mission War legacy Guardian
Christchurch Mission War channels the lobby
Haberdasher - -

•11 Quest 'dungeons to challenge for Champions' More
- Start NPC: Instructor O'Connor Bloody Ice
- B1F / - Rewards: Forgotten Temple B2F / Alta-of-Siena B1F /
/ Alta-of-Siena B2F / Forbidden Island / illusion Castle Underworld /
1 Item 1 of the entry exams redieonteuhol Castle illusion
- And one day the contract item is the character belongs.
•Add the key setting function
- Option has been added to the key settings.
- Is set to an existing base of the keyboard shortcuts can be reset manually.
- Esc, Win, Apps, Back Space. - Esc, Win, Chinese, 1 / 0, Apps, Back Space key is not set.
•Adding AutoText settings
- Using keyboard shortcuts can be entered into the chat window is set to AutoText.
- General / trade / shout will not be used in the input status.
•Add the port ruyina 2 Warp
•In the case of free users and consignment shops in the empty slot, a premium-only slot, 'added the display text
• Add a new chat command
- [General],! [Party], @ [Guild], # [trade], $ [channel],% [whispering], ^ [crying] has been added.
•'Let youngjaya hyeonmo Season 5' Guild emblem of the event further
■ Mission War
•Blake, the Force is more force into the tower using the Force Skill Force eossolteu Tower HP seems abnormally error correction
•Vital Gear HP, SP 100 개 Add bundle sales
•(17:30 수정) Information window, a list of members in the lobby of mission war buttons did not work Error Correction (17:30 Edit)
▶ Test Server Updates
■ Updating the contents of rooms are the same.

These are lifted from the Cabal KR website so the translations are raw (thanks to Google).

Credits: Cabal EU

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New GUI and Party System for Cabal

Illusion Castle brings a lot of changes for the Philippines' top MMORPG. Along with new dungeons and weapons is the complete facelift of the User Interface and an easier to use Party System.

The new User Interface

The first, and by far the most obvious, part of the new update is the updated User Interface. As I said in the previous blog the new UI comes across as very slick, compared to the one currently in use.

I must admit that I like it, and I welcome the change to something a bit more modern. The character name at the top right was removed, and MP received a numerical counter similar to the HP bar. Premium, Nation Bonus and notification icons were shifted to the bottom left of the screen, fitting in rather unobtrusively, which is another aspect of this new UI that I like. On a side note I wonder how long it will be before we see the first new skin...? I would put money on it not taking too long. I would also recommend that you restore the default UI before the update. We will make the files for the default UI available closer to the launch day, for those who somehow managed to lose or corrupt theirs.

Back to the new Interface. The new 'C' button on the right of the skillbar opens up a menu for everything you could possibly need ingame: Crafting, Inventory, Buddylist, Help, etc. The menu also lists the keyboard shortcuts for the various items on it, which is a decent touch.

You will also notice that the EXP and AEXP bars shifted right down to the bottom of the screen. This is not a big change, but it fits in with the overall new look. The little jukebox bar also got an upgrade:

The extra quickslots on the skillbar are very useful, and I have gotten used to having them there in a remarkably short time. You can access the skills either by mouseclick or by using Alt+number of whichever slot you want to use. Especially on a Force Blader the expanded UI is fantastic, and I am sure most FB will agree with me.

I saw a question somewhere on the forum about how auto-attack will handle the expanded bar, and it is pretty simple. Your main skillbar is still the start for the auto-attack feature. It will run through all the skills on the main bar, and if it reaches the end and there are no skills cooled down yet it will simply shift up to the first skill in the new expanded skillbar, and start to cast it. As soon as a skill on the main bar has cooled down again auto-attack will try to use it. I hope people do not try to overcomplicate the explanation again... It really is very simple.

You have to enable the expanded skillbar in the Options / Game menu. Once activated it will stay activated, like any other game option. You can also choose to lock/unlock the expanded bar, either by clicking directly on the UI (you will see where if you move your mouse over the correct area) or simply enable lock/unlock through the Options / Game menu. Having it locked simply means you cannot remove skills from the bar by accidentally clicking on them.

The new Party System

Let's move on the new Party System. This is going to be really big news, I think. The single most important part is that you can now rejoin a dungeon if you got disconnected and you have a party member still inside the dungeon. And to make this even better you do not need a new entry item either. If you have entered it once, and your party member is still inside, you can re-enter again without an entry. This is a long overdue update, in my opinion.

The more minor parts of this is that you can now party anyone with the /party command. They do not have to be close to you, and they do not even have to be on the same map. There are some limitations, of course, such as the fact that you cannot join a party that is already inside a dungeon, and you cannot party members of the opposite nation in TG. If you relog to another channel you will automatically rejoin the party as well, and you will be able to see the other people in the party listed like this if they are on another channel:

Credits: Cabal EU

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New Cabal Items and Weapons

To start out there were some particular situations when you are joining or rejoining a dungeon that needs a bit more explanation. The first one is where for example two people went to a dungeon, and then a third friend logs in and wants to join their dungeon run as well. Yes, it is completely possible for one of the two inside the dungeon to log out, then let the third person join the party before re-entering. The third person will now be able to join the first two inside, with no problems.

The other situation is where two people are inside a dungeon, and one logs out and does not return again for whatever reason. In this case as soon as the 5-minute rejoining time is over the remaining person will be kicked from the dungeon. This is the same as when everyone from a party leaves that party while a member is still inside a dungeon. If the party is completely disbanded whoever was left inside will be kicked out. Essentially it comes down to if you enter a dungeon as a party there is no way that you will be able to continue solo if everyone else leaves or quits. It is rather simple, actually.

New Weapons

Right, on the fun stuff. The new Lycanus weapons are unique to the Illusion Castle dungeon, as they will only drop from the boss chest there. They do not drop with every run, but they are not that terribly rare either from my own experience on the ITS. They are character-binding when you pick them up, but to compensate for this there is a link in the normal chat that appears whenever one of these do drop, so that everyone can see which attributes it has before deciding on who gets it.

Lycanus weapons come with 3 random craft options, with the possibility of being slotted as well. The craft options are randomly chosen from the following list:

* All Skill Amp up
* Critical Rate up
* Critical Damage up
* Add Damage increase
* All attack increase

This means they will be for both sword and magic classes at the same time, as should be obvious from the following image of some of the Lycanus we have found so far:

The exact amount of each craft can vary, as you can see from the Add Damage going from 5 to 15. These weapons also upgrade like Mithril, needing Highest Cores, and their stats increase in the same way, for example a +1 Blade will have 6 more attack than a +0 one. So with a bit of luck on the crafting options you could find yourself with a very decent weapon indeed.

True to form the developers are improving the appearance of newer gear, each time producing something even better looking than the last. The Lycanus weapons have to be some of my favourite items ingame up to date, especially the bow and shield.

New Belts

The belt slot finally has a use, and even though none of the current belts offer any game-breaking advantage they are good to have. Each belt comes in a version from +0 to +4, so five of each kind of belt, and they offer you the following:

Belt of Rapid: Increase the Dex stat (+1, +2, +3, +4, +5)
Belt of Guard: Increase your Defence (+2, +3, +4, +5, +6)
Belt of Vital: Increase your HP (+20, +30, +40, +50, +60)
Belt of Damp: All Skill Amp resist (1%, 2%, 3%, 4%, 5%)
Belt of Prevent: Resist Critical Damage (2%, 3%, 4%, 5%, 6%)

I am sure the higher level Damp and Prevent belts will become quite popular.

New Ring

The one you have all been waiting for, and the one item that I have the least information on. EST have told us that the new ring is going to be account bound, from a quest that each character can do only once. I heard a rumour that it is going to be a duration item - that is not true at all, the ring will be permanent. However, gaining this item might not be that easy... Or to put it this way, do you really think you will be able to get the best ring in the game for a couple of clicks through a NPC quest dialogue and a quick 20 minute dungeon run?

Credits: Cabal EU

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Rabu, 07 April 2010

Illusion Castle Patch Password

Cabal PH Illusion Castle goes live today!

The password for the MANUAL PATCH for CABAL Illusion Castle is:


CABAL is still having it's server maintenance in preparation for the its newest patch. Servers will be up at 6pm!

File Front

Media Fire



Credits: Cabal PH

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Senin, 05 April 2010

Latest Cabal Dungeons

April 8 marks the target release of Cabal's latest patch, Illusion Castle, in the Philippine server. E-Games CGM Raven has announced it as the tentative schedule, provided that no problem occurs prior to its release.

Illusion Castle brings two new dungeons for avid players to explore and enjoy: Illusion Castle Underworld and Crazy Steamer. For those who are curious about these two new challenges, please, read on. If you prefer discovering the new dungeons for yourself then please close this blog before scrolling any further. I will of course try my best to make sure that there is some mystery left, but there will be screenshots, hints, random information, and the like in the next part. You have been warned.

Of course, if you haven't yet seen the official gameplay trailer for the update yet head over to YouTube right now to go and watch it.

Crazy Steamer

The new DX dungeon and the first real successor to the Panic Cave that we received with a previous update. Just like the Panic Cave, Steamer Crazy is also a solo, timed dungeon run with three possible difficulty levels, and dying means the dungeon ends. You cannot use an odd circle to resurrect yourself which does seem to be the direction that the developers want to take with the DX-style dungeons: Quick, hard dungeons that will force you to stay awake, and you cannot afford to make mistakes.

The entrance to the dungeon is set halfway through the wastelands of Fort Ruina, in the area with the old trains and railways. Once inside you are transported to the back of a moving train, and it looks really cool to see the railway flashing past while you fight on the narrow train itself. I say this with every new dungeon, but the developers and designers get better with every update, and they keep on trying new things, such as a dungeon set on a moving train in this case.

My own, albeit minor, complaint is that there are not that many new mobs around. The developers borrowed and improved some of the existing ‘metallic’ mobs from Fort Ruina and Pontus Ferrum, but given the location and nature of the dungeon they do not feel out of place. Progress through the train is not quite as linear as it first appears to be, which I also enjoyed, and what is great about Crazy Steamer is that it has two chests with treasure, not just one. I am sure many of you will agree with me on that point. The drops also improve with the harder dungeons, even though the easy version can drop some rather rare pieces of equipment. Before anyone asks, yes, you will still receive character binding, and bind-on-equip, weapons and armour.

Overall the dungeon feels slower than the Panic Cave, and excludes the wild rush that characterises the older DX. It also appears to be a bit easier, although that is always hard to judge on the test server, and overall I enjoy this one more than the Panic Cave. I am curious to see how it will be received on Monday, but I am prepared to say I think most people will enjoy it quite a lot. The only thing I wish they would add is a title for the DX dungeons as well, but perhaps we will see that with a future update.

That circle animation means trouble

A rather fiery encounter

Illusion Castle Underworld

This is the big one. The first and most obvious part of this dungeon is the freeview camera, which has only been used for the Forbidden Island dungeon before. Unlike the Forbidden Island however, Illusion Castle is located underground, in a vast maze of caverns and walkways. It is also rather longer than most of the current dungeons, with a dungeon time of two hours. Once again you can see the developers trying new things, and I think it really works in this dungeon.

The dungeon is meant to feel like a cavern, and in my opinion this feeling comes across really well. Stalactites and stalagmites appear everywhere, and occasionally you come across places where the ceiling of the cave has collapsed, allowing light to intrude from the outside. Other areas have you moving across narrow walkways, or past deep chasms with strange lights shining in the depths. I think I can back up my claims better with some pictures.

The Illusion part of Illusion Castle is there for some very good reasons, and everything in there is not what it appears to be at first glance. There are one or two sections in particular that will prove an interesting challenge to get past. I think that in some way the dungeon reminds me of a mix between the Tower of the Dead b2f, and the Forgotten Temple B1f, with of course the wonderful free camera from the Forbidden Island used as well.

There are also some hidden quests to discover, and extra bosses hiding in the deepest part of the cavern, if you can find them of course. You will also see a very interesting use of the new looting rules in action, and I am not referring to the possible Lycanus Weapons now.

The last screenshot with the feel of the dungeon

The dungeon ends with a very interesting promise, which makes for a fairly clear indication of what is to come in the future. With that in mind I leave you with this screenshot, showing something from the very last part of Illusion Castle.

Promises of things to come?

There is a title for completing this dungeon - you become a ‘Distorted Soul Saviour’ when finishing Illusion Castle. The second rank of the title gives 1% resistance to all skill amp, and the third gives 2% - small bonuses as with almost every dungeon title.

Credits: Cabal EU

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