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Cabal Expansion Unofficial Patch Notes

Since the Cabal Expansion post I had was in Korean, I tried to find one in English. This new entry is dedicated to that.

Feast on an improved, hyped up, exciting Cabal Expansion.

There are 6 parts to "Cabal Expansion".

Part 1: Brand new Transcender Skills and Increased Maximum Level
The new skill books are dropped in "Porta Inferno" (the 160+ field that is accessible from the Port Lux warp center).

Blader: Death Tempest at lv 1
Sword skill amp 70%, add damage +959 (+9.00 per lvl), critical rate increase +5%, critical damage increase +20%, down +80%, range 1~2, area 3, mp usage 30 (sweet!), cool time 9.3 sec, level up rank (point): transcender (21), level up skillpoint 1, casting time 3.0 sec (O.o

Force Blader: Seal of Damnation at lv 1
samp 80%, ad +959 (+9.00 per lvl), critical rate down -1%, critical damage down -1% (no info on lvl increment) (lasts 5 sec), range 1~6, area 3, mp 30, ct 10.9 sec, transcender (16), 1, casting time 3.0 sec (o.O; run!)

Warrior: Sword Quake at lv 1
samp 70%, ad +905 (+5 per lvl), down +80%, range 1~4, area 3, mp 30, ct 9.0 sec, transcender (21), 1, casting time 3.0 sec (evening out with the others :P)

Force Shielder: Shield Grenade at lv 1
samp 80%, ad +906 (+6 per lvl), critical damage increase...+50% wtf, down +80%, range 1~5, area 3, mp 30, ct 7.9 sec, transcender (16), 1, casting time 3.0 sec

Force Archer: Sonic Shooter at lv 1
Magic skill amp 80%, ad +652 (+2.50 per lvl), stun +85% (lasts 4 sec), range 1~8, area 3, mp 28, ct 8.4 sec, transcender (21), 1, casting time 2.5 sec

Wizard: Meteorite at lv 1
mamp 70%, ad +652 (+2.50 per lvl), down +75%, range 1~6, area 3, mp 28, ct 8.5 sec, transcender (21), 1, casting time 2.5 sec

Battle Style Level Up 180
Kill 50 Minions of Flame (not sure about the name personally) in Radiant Hall
Kill 60 Demonic Alices in Porta Inferno
Reward: Status Increase, 8 mil exp, 8.5 mil alz, and 5000 additional sp (30k total o.o; no word on longer sp buff duration :P)

Part 2: Brand New Map, "Porta Inferno" (your friendly door to hell ^^)
GPS location: X-72/Y-152 or the Port Lux warp center :P
Entry Requirement: lvl 160+ and 11+ Battle Style
Three Bosses: Manticore, Dark "Klimczak" (not sure), and "Keshaphone Minitia" (my estimate)

AND my favourite part!
Part 3: New Mission War
Tierra del Bruto field will disappear and all tiers wil be fought in five different Tierra del Gloriossa.
Changed Tiers: 52~79 (50k alz to enter), 80~109 (250k alz), 110~139 (500k), 140~169 (750k) <--some Venus people I've told about this think this tier will be different for the North American Cabal, but I doubt it ^^. and~~ 170~180 (1 mil)
The status and hit points of the buildings and legacy guardians will vary appropriate to each tier.
The amount of alz required to BUILD (o.o will also vary appropriate to each tier.
Legacy Guardian (S)'s hitpoints will be more than the Small Legacy Core's. (Isn’t this already the case? But I’m staying true to the translation. :P)

New Lord of War (Bringer) System
All 5 tiers will have one Bringer per nation.
Bringer Choosing Method:
Regardless of BattleStyle, the top scoring character (NOT 1 PER CLASS O.O) from each nation will be chosen per tier.
There will no longer be Guardians (QQ). (I’m still in denial about this, but that’s what I read.)
Top 7 war scores of a week + Kill Count
If a Bringer levels out of his/her tier, then...say bye bye to this awesome title that CAN BE used outside of war servers too!
HP +700 (140 outside of war, probably), resist crit rate +10%, resist crit dmg +20%, resist unable to move +25%, resist down +35%, resist knockback +40%
On your Character Info Window, you can check out your war rank each week! (This should smash a lot of people's hopes ^^)

Part 4: New Chaos Arena (I was wondering why the CA cards have stopped dropping, but why now... -.-, well, I never go anyway XD)
There will no more be specific entry times and you can use go as many times as you are able per day! (Yay, let's make CA popular again )
Each CA will be like a mini 20 min dungeon.
If you die in CA, you will be resurrected to the start point! (hence the dungeon aspect :P)
There will no longer be the dreaded three-part keys, but single entries which drop in various places for various CA's.
CA 1 keys will be dropped in Bloody Ice, Desert Scream, Green Despair, and Port Lux
2: Port Lux, Fort Ruina, Undead Ground
3: Undead Ground, Forgotten Ruins, Lakeside
4/5: Lakeside, Mutant Forest, Pontus Ferrum
6: Mutant Forest, Pontus Ferrum, Porta Inferno (Boy, those pl and pi will be hard to read sometimes XD)
New CA Entrance: GPS Location in Bloody Ice: X76/Y24 or near the exit by the Grocer
CA Titles and Drops
CA 1: Peacemaker of Chaos I; clear 1 time; +10 defence rate
CA 2 II; clear ca2 once; +20 def rate / CA 3 III; ca3 once; +30 def rate / CA 4 IV; ca4 once; +40 def rate / CA 5 V; clear ca5 once; +50 def rate / VI; clear ca5 twice? (once in the original webpage); +60 / VII; ca5 5 times; +70 / VIII; ca6* 10 times; +80 / IX; ca6 100 times; +90 / X; ca6 1000 times; +100
Looks like the titles are meant to help in grinding ^^.

Force Core (low, medium, high, highest), PERFECT CORE (low, med, high, highest), Critical Ring +1 and +2 (Bye bye, Troglo Lair :P I did get one cr2 here though! XD), Upgrade Core (low, med, high, highest), SLOT EXTENDERS (low, med, high, highest)

This next part made me almost cry T.-
Part 5: Item Upgrade System
Ever wonder what would have become of the items beyond +7 if they were not destroyed in the process of the dreaded make or break Core Alchemist Item Level Upgrades?

WELL, if you are not successful at upgrading +8 or higher items, THE ITEMS WILL NOT BE DESTROYED!!! But you may lose 1 or 2 upgrade levels in case of not upgrading successfully. And if you don't get +7, the item will not go back to 0.

In your Inventory Window far beside your alz amount, there will be a new button for core upgrades. Or you can use CTRL + Left Click to quickly go into UPGRADING MODE (my input ^^)!
From 0~+3, you will need 1 (item appropriate, so upgrade core high on shadowtitanium to sigmetal) core per try; +4~+6, 2 cores per try; +7~+9, 3 cores per try; +10~+12, 4 cores per try; +13~+15, 5 cores per try.
You cannot talk to NPC's, trade or use shop while in UPGRADING MODE.
A +15 item will get an additional special display effect o.o.
Also, for you Enhanced Core fans, upgrading up to +6 will all have 100% chance, but you still have to use two cores going from +4 to +6.
Only one Perfect Core can be used to upgrade from any level.

And lastly,
Part 6: User Convenience System
Agent Shop now provides the average price for all items. (But this could be, no it will be... tweaked for some people's gain -.-); however, if you set the price of a selling item 25% lower than the average price, you will get a message to ensure if you really want to sell it cheaply ^^. (just click ok, k? good)

"Tweeter" on "Cabal"!
Now you can be more "social" while enjoying "Cabal" ^^. Simply type in your "Tweeter" info after pressing "Cabal" menu -> Community -> "Tweeter". After you have integrated it, type /tweeter in Normal Chat and continue with further messages you want to show on your "Tweeter". A successful tweet will be notified on the top part of your screen.
Let your tweet fans and stalkers know what you are up to during your "Cabal" fix XD.

A minor vampiric quest
NPC of the quest: Yertes (the old woman of Port Lux)
Required level: 100+ and BattleStyle 10 or up
How and what to do for this quest is not posted yet, but the reward items are XD.
Yertes' Bracelet of Seven Coins (not sure about the translation; forgive me if I am wrong o.o
HP steal 2%
Yertes' Jade Earring (unsure translation again)
Max HP steal per hit +15, HP +10
It is not shown whether this quest can be done more than once, but probably will be.

Credits: Cabal EU

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Radiant Hall Dungeon Guide

The newest Cabal dungeon, Radiant Hall, already made it's way to the game servers yesterday with the implementation of the Secrets of the Radiant Hall patch. It is surprisingly easy, with the bosses not as strong as everyone expected. There are a lot of side quests so I am not sure if this is a complete guide.

1. Kill all mobs until gate opens

2. Go through and kill the next gate, then talk to bookshelf inside and the table next

3. Kill the next gate in hall (Can hit this while hitting the other gate so illusion fogs wont kill you)

4. After going inside, talk to the fireplace and then the table. Kill the gate inside the room.

5. After breaking gate, talk to the mirror and then the fireplace. This is the first boss.

6. The closed gate will open and click on the statues in numbered order.

7. Boss will spawn outside the room in the hall. (At low hp the boss will teleport to the other end of hall)

8. Head back to the first room from step 1 and talk to the bookshelf.

9. Go to the room where the first boss spawns and talk to the table.

10. Go back to the room with the 4 statues and go through the corridor and talk to the bookshelf and mobs will spawn. Kill them to continue.

11. After all the mobs are dead move on to the next corridor and destroy the gate.

12. Kill the mobs in the next room until boss spawns, after killing the boss a chest will drop which upon the chest being destroyed the second form of the boss will appear.

13. Go back to the room before and talk to the bookshelf

14. A gate will open from the boss room and talk to the altar under the dragon. Then move back to the previous room and talk to the other bookshelf. After the bookshelf, go back to the altar under the dragon to complete the quest.

15. Go to the next bottom room and kill all harpies. After all the harpies are gone, talk to the altar first then the left incense burner.

16. Proceed into the hall and go to the very left end and destroy the gate. A mini boss will be behind it after destroying the gate.

17. Go up the stairs and kill the illusion fogs to stop the spawn. Then talk to the incense burners in the back in this order: 5, 4, 2, 6, 1, 3, and 7. (7th one is in the middle at top of steps)

18. Go back to the first gate in the hall and break.

19. Go inside and talk to the middle bookshelf and then the left. Afterwards, talk to the mirror and a boss will spawn.

20. Go back to the altar with incense burners and talk to the left incense burner then the right.

21. Go back to the room where last boss spawned and talk to the mirror, then the bookshelves in order of placement for the next boss to spawn.

22. After killing the boss pick up the drop and talk to the right incense burner where the altar is and then the altar which a boss will spawn. After killing the boss talk to the altar again to complete.

23. Go back to the dragon room and talk to the altar under him. The doors up the stairs in the main room will open and proceed to the right and open the gate there.

24. Once the door breaks kill all the ogres in the room.

25. Once the ogres are gone, talk to the incense burner in the left corner near the corridor. The boss will then spawn.

26. Talk to the small fish statues in the numbered order after the boss is dead. Answers are: 2, 1, 2, 1.

27. Go inside the corridor to the end and talk to the incense burner.

28. Go back out to the corridor and talk to the incense burner at open end.

28. Go back out to the corridor and talk to the incense burner at open end.

29. Go back to the end of the corridor and talk to the left incense burner.

30. Go back to the open end and talk to the right incense burner.

31. Go outside the room and make a right and talk to the statue in the middle of the hall.

32. Continue down the hall to the next open room opposite of the last one and go inside its corridor. First talk to the bookshelf and then the armor. The boss will spawn in the main room. Make sure to get one cryptograph drop from the mob(needed for side quest).

33. Talk to the statue in the middle of the room.

34. Go inside the room and talk to the tables in numbered order and the boss will spawn.

35. Once the boss is dead move outside and take a right to the room with the fish altar and no water in the pond and talk to the left corner incense burner.

36. The blocked gate will open and proceed in to break the gate at the end of the stairs which a mini boss will be inside. There will a corridor with stairs leading down go there and break the gate.

37. Once the gate is gone talk to the statues in the order listed and open the gate marked.

38. Once the gate is open talk to the incense burner inside.

39. Go back out and break the other gate.

40. Talk to the statues in back in numbered order. Orc mages will spawn which you have to kill them until a “Warning” spawn pops up meaning you killed the right one and you can go inside the closed room and kill the next boss in the lightning room.

41. Talk to the fallen statue after killing the boss and then the chair at top of step.

42. Go back to the room and another hall will open and talk to the first statue you see.

43. Continue to the other end of the hall and talk to the statue near the gate and it’ll open afterwards.

44. Go inside and talk to the statues under the warp in listed order. Go inside the warp after.

45. After going inside the warp the last boss will spawn.

46. After killing the boss talk to the statue and click on the first answer. BE SURE TO NOT FINISH THE DUNGEON. There’s one more chest to open for earrings.

47. Go back to the dragon room and complete the quest to get a chest for potential earring drop.

Credits: Cabal NA

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