Kamis, 30 Juni 2011

Dragon Nest NA Open Beta on July 26

It's the time for Dragon Nest to recruit more warriors into the dangerous instances! Revealed at the Dragon Nest(NA) official site, the game will enter open beta on July 26. If you haven't got an account, what are you waiting for, just head over the Dragon Nest website and register for the upcoming adventure.

The open beta will be available for players live in United States, Canada and Australia. However, Nexon hasn't announced the new contents for OBT, but normally, there will be new level cap, new dungeons, and new weapon/armors, and things like that.

Dragon Nest just ran a 5-day closed beta in mid-June and will step into OBT. It seems that Nexon's long time preparation for the game does help to ensure the quality. There are still bugs, as the developer reveals in the CBT recap, but they are striving to make the game even better with the help of community feedback.

Credits: MMOsite

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Latest Cabal 2 Screenshots

Those who are waiting for new revelation of Cabal 2 finally get something new today. Although no gameplay details or beta news, 3 new screenshots is still a nice update from the developer ESTSoft.

Using CryEngine3, Cabal 2 features eye-catching graphics and cutting-edge stylish action. Cabal 2 is a story-based MMORPG and offers gamers rich scenarios and what's more, according to the official introduction, the game has an actual scenario ending.

Cabal 2 evolutionizes the original game's combat system with better actions, combos, and monster AI. Besides, different character classes boast their own storyline and unique development route, and you will experience more interesting gameplay when leveling up, instead of doing typical hunting and rooting.

Cabal 2 plans to conduct beta testing in Korea in 2011. So far, the game has announced its 6 classes and the back story.

Credits: MMOsite

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Cabal Maquinas Outpost

This place is hard. Very hard. You are going to get a nasty surprise if you go in there unprepared. I have seen several people make some very confident claims on the forum, about how quickly they will finish it, and I am very curious indeed to see if anyone has what it will take to back those claims up (no problem in the cheat-infested Cabal PH, I suppose).

The last dungeon that this one can be compared to is the Forgotten Temple B2F. The Forbidden Island, Altar of Siena, Radiant Hall... They have nothing on this place. You might think that I am exaggerating now, but you will see. You enter behind the now non-aggressive Pluma, and that’s about the last non-aggressive part of the dungeon.

Visually, the dungeon is impressive. It takes the general feel of Pontus Ferrum, on which it is based, and gives it a cleaner, tighter feel. The interior of the dungeon looks good, to put it in simple terms. I especially like the design of certain gates in there, for some reason. The bosses unique to Maquinas Outpost are quite cool - you might get plenty of time to admire them while your character studies the ground face-first.

Then again, perhaps you might not have as much time. You see, the dungeon uses a completely new game mechanic, where you start with a very small amount of time. Kill certain mobs, and you get a couple of seconds extra. Kill the wrong mobs, and you lose time. Kill a boss, and you get a couple of minutes worth of breathing room. To describe the dungeon as ‘fast-paced’ is rather accurate. You will have to be fast. You will have to hit hard, and you will have to be able to take those hard hits as well ;-) The bosses are not the only hard-hitting enemies in there, after all.

The dungeon layout is going to be confusing, at least at the start. There are multiple warp points, moving you from one zone to the next as you fight your way into the lair of the metal clan. The dungeon story also makes good use of the lore of the game, and I think it should be done like this more often.

The dungeon is short, compared to others (especially the epic-length Radiant Hall) but it is going to test you. And with the excellent Drei Frame pieces as a possible reward, not to mention the Drei Frame Epaulets, well... Players wanted a challenge for a while already. I think Maquinas Outpost delivers solidly on this.

Dungeon Run by the Cabal EU GMs

Credits: Cabal EU

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Kamis, 23 Juni 2011

Ohs no! The Kiss Controller!

If you're one of those fellas who likes (a lot) of tongue exercise, then Hye Yeon Nam just did you a great favor! She probably made this device for couples going through a rough patch because the other plays too much console games. Through the Kiss controller, you can play games and bond with your girl at the same time (of course if you don't mind having magnets between your tongues).

The Kiss controller is a game instrument that allows you to use your mouth (and your tongue) instead of using thine lovely hands. The mechanics are quite simple. As the user moves his/her tongues with magnets attached, this creates varying magnetic fields that are used to control games. There is a viral video demonstration of a bowling game online, wherein the players increased the speed of the ball by moving the tongue faster. Quite interesting, eh?

Hye Yeon Nam feels the kiss controller can be a couple relationship therapy tool that people can do at home. According to her, the more you play this game, the more you care for each other. I sincerely doubt that.

Credits: Credits: http://mmosite.com/

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The Chosen goes on CBT

Ola! Since mhauck is busy with med school, I'd be updating this blog for the meantime. So expect random posts from me from time to time. For today, we'll start with the launch of a new game in an ancient oriental setting.

Snail Games USA announced the start of The Chosen's CBT phase for the North American release. The Chosen is a mythical MMORPG set in ancient war-torn China. The CBT started on June 23, 2011, beta key holders would have exclusive early access, leading the heroic march into battle before The Chosen officially launches to the public on July 5, 2011.

During the CBT period, players will enter a vast MMO world, complete with stunning landscapes, an epic storyline, immense customization options and adorably powerful animals to fight alongside as they climb The Chosen's colossal skill tree. Closed beta testers will get a head start in plotting their quest for the Golden Dragon mount, victory for their battalion, and ultimate glory as The Chosen. At launch, everyone can join the action in Snail's first major free-to-play release since hit MMORTS Ministry of War launched last year.

In The Chosen, players will learn the customs of five distinct Chinese dynasties, with six classes to help them gear up for the battle and end the war of the Three Kingdoms. Players can experience multiple gameplay options as they choose membership among the Qin, Han, Tang, Song or Ming factions, and learn to wield powerful weaponry, from swords and bows to flutes and scrolls. The fabled free-to-play adventure will open its doors to the public on July 5, 2011

Credits: http://mmosite.com/

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Rabu, 15 Juni 2011

Dragonica Shutting Down in Korea Next Month

NCsoft announced to shut down Dragonica KR server in July while the publisher of the 3D anime style MMO will close the cash shop on June 15. The Dragonica KR official site has released the notice in regard to the server closure. According to NCsoft, players who have purchased from the cash shop in the past 3 months will receive NCsoft points for free, as compensation.

Dragonica is developed by Korean studio Barunson Interactive and the game has released 2 expansions by now. Dragonica released in EU in 2009 and in NA in 2010. Now the North American version is called Dragon Saga.

Together with Dragonica, NCsoft will close another game Point Blank, a MMOFPS in Korea in July. Currently, NCsoft is also operating the game in Central and South America.

Credits: MMOsite

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Cabal Legacy of Darkness: Force Core Upgrading System

I will be discussing the improved upgrading system. Or, to be more specific, the new Force Core Upgrading system, seeing as the general upgrade system was improved a while ago with the possibility to upgrade all the way to +15.

As most of you reading this will be aware of the fact that the force core upgrading system will change with the Legacy Of Darkness update I will simply try to clear up some rumours surrounding it. Random Option Scrolls, Defined Option Scrolls, etc, as well as go through some minor changes to the system. For the most part it is a visual change and some options to give you more control while enchanting slots.

I think the best place to begin is with the new Upgrade UI. Force Core Upgrading is still done through a Core Alchemist NPC. The first thing you will notice is that the upgrading window now looks different, appearing in the middle of the screen.

The different parts of the window is fairly self-explanatory. Clockwise from the top left you have the item being upgraded, the two different option scroll types you can use, the number of force cores you want to use (and a useful button to add all the force cores you have in your inventory, to the maximum of ten), with the upgrade cost and the success chance below that (the cost to upgrade the second slot is double that of the first slot, and I have not checked 3rd slot costs yet) while right at the bottom you have the attribute that will be added. It uses the old ‘cycle-through-the-possible-upgrades-and-failed-upgrade-icons’ animation that everyone is used to by now once you actually start the process.

So far so good, and not terribly surprising.

The main change, of course, comes from the new Option Scrolls. Transmuting items now gives you option scrolls as well as material cores and force/upgrade core pieces. The type of option scrolls you receive when you transmute an item is random, and the better ones are rare, as they should be. And yes, Critical Rate is one of the better ones. I know people were wondering about this. So is 2slot item drop, although I gather not as many of you would be interested in that particular one, vocal as the farming minority may be.

The rules for which Option Scroll can be used in which weapon/armour piece is still the same as it was before. For example, you cannot upgrade a weapon slot with MP. Those rules still apply, as the following table shows.

Nothing has changed here, at least.

OK, back to the Option Scrolls. You can get any Option Scroll from transmuting an item, and the grade of the Option Scroll depends on the grade of the item you transmute. Option Scrolls come in two types, Random and Defined (or Fixed, the dev notes and game change between the two names at the moment). A Random Scroll is exactly that, you can gain a random upgrade option from the available options, while a Defined Option Scroll allows you to control which upgrade you get, exactly like the catalysts used to do. The only difference is that you can now control the old level 2 upgrade options as well, with the exception of Skill Amp. 7% Sword/Magic amp is still drop only. You cannot get it with Defined or Random Option Scrolls. Everything else is possible.

The other change is that the Force Core grade, and Option Scroll grade is now very important. You can only use Option Scrolls and Force Cores matching the grade of the item you wish to enchant. You can no longer use highest cores on anything other than Mithril, Lycanus or Drei Frame Items, and so on. The item levels are in the following table.

You only need one of the two types of Option Scroll when you want to enchant an item. If you manage to get your hands on the Defined Option Scroll that matches the upgrade you want, congratulations, you only have to use that one. You do not need to add a Random scroll as well, in fact, it is much better that you don’t. The game will first check the Random option scroll, and if the random upgrade fails it will fall back on the Defined option scroll, and check that one for success. Think of the difference between using one or two force cores, with and without a catalyst, when you currently try to enchant a slotted item.

If you don’t have the Defined Scroll you want (Critical Rate comes to mind again, for some weird reason) you can still take a chance and gamble with a Random scroll. You might get lucky.

I just need to point out a small bug here, because I am not sure if it will be fixed by the time the update goes live. If you use a Defined scroll and a Random scroll at the same time the enchant result window will still cycle through all the possible outcomes, both level one (attack, magic, defence, etc) and level two (1slot, critical rate, min damage, etc) even though you can only gain one possible level 1 enchant and any of the possible level 2 enchants. Don’t panic if you see this. If you have a Critical Damage Defined Option scroll and a Random Option scroll you can only get critical damage in the slot, or one of the level 2 enchants, even though you will see other options once you start the enchant process. It has been reported, and perhaps it will be fixed before we go live.

The success rate is now linked to the number of force cores you use when upgrading. 10 cores will give you an 85% success rate for the first slot, and a 70% success rate for the second. Again, I have not yet checked the third slot options. The success rate goes up with 5% for every force core you add. The price to upgrade varies according to the type of item (Greatswords and Daikatanas cost double) and item grade level. The second slot costs double what the first slot does, for a 2-slotted item. Osmium level costs 500,000 Alz and Mithril level costs 7,000,000 for the first slots. The rest is scattered in-between.

Credits: GM Viral of Cabal EU

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Grand Epic Online's Grand Open Beta

June 15, 2011. Today. Yes, Grand Epic Online PH will now be launching for Open Beta today at 3PM. This 2.5D MMORPG browser game will now deliver the best gaming experience through its unprecedented features such as quest auto-navigation, pet raising, mounting system, polymorphic transformation and many more.This enjoyable journey will allow you to seek the best for yourselves.

Register now by clicking this link: geo.runup.com.ph. No download required! (You can also login from foreign accounts using the social networks: facebook, friendster, yahoo, google, msn, letsmmo.)

Special in-game events is already prepared for players! Join our Facebook fanpage at http://www.facebook.com/ph.geo for more fun and excitement!

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Senin, 13 Juni 2011


Because classes here in the Philippines has already resumed, I will not be able to update this as often as before. Third Year Medicine demands a lot of time due to extensive reading assignments and cases that as much as it upsets me, this will have to be at the bottom of my to-do list.

Hopefully Princess Cow will take over for me.

Study hard.

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Sabtu, 11 Juni 2011

Cabal Legacy of Darkness Developers' Notes

We are pleased to release the Developers' Notes for the next CABAL update: Legacy of Darkness

These are only Developers' Notes. This means that while the information contained here is accurate it might also change, and some features might be added or removed before the update goes live on our servers.

Also, there is NO RELEASE DATE YET. There is no point in asking when it will go live, since as soon as we know we will inform you about it. Please do not create numerous posts and threads asking when the update will go live (not that asking this has stopped anyone in the past, but hope dies last).

Please remember that these notes are LIABLE TO CHANGE. They still have to go through a number of tests (during which it is almost guaranteed that some parts will change).

A quick run-through of the major additions though, in no particular order:

SP dice and Dungeon Points (DP): Good, solid additions.
New Armour and Epaulet: The epaulet is better than an +8 one. Enough said.
New Dungeon: Excellent dungeon, for sure. Hard as well, and with a brand-new game mechanic in place. I like it.
Fade-step to cursor: I do not think it has been mentioned, but it is fun, and I think it will have a big impact for so small a change.
Resizing the UI: You can now pick from different sizes for the entire UI.
Re-entering a solo dungeon after DC: I do not think anyone can object to this.
New force core upgrade system: This one will need some explanation later, I think.
Class-restricted armour: Same as the above.
New names for Epic items: I am not a fan of the names (yet) but I guess they will grow on me.
New ‘Named’ Mobs on the lower maps: These are loads of fun, and will be great for the lowest level players. They have an interesting drop system in place for these. I might dedicate a paragraph or two to them in a later blog.
Bike upgrades: Not bad either. Especially since the bike upgrade kits go up to Highest, and you only need Medium upgrades kits for an RW3... Some promise for the future ;-)


New Mission Dungeon

Maquinas Outpost
Pontus Ferrum (92,128) Entrance behind Lautus Pluma
Level 145 and above
Battle Style Level 11 and above
Entry Item
Hacked Code Disk

New Armour Set of Drei Frame

Set of Drei Frame
Obtainable only from MD Maquinas Outpost
Drop with up to 1 slot. You are not able to use a Slot Extender on these items
Armour Options and required stats to equip

Additional Information

Item grade: Highest
Epic options are not available
The set has 3 kinds of Unique options and the type/effect is applied at random

New Epaulet of Drei Frame

Epaulet of Drei Frame
Visible when wearing a Drei Frame Suit
Epaulet Options

Drei Frame Armour Set Effect

Drei Frame Armour Set combined with Drei Frame Epaulet Effect

Improved Force Core Upgrade System

The Force Core upgrading system has been improved with the implementation of Option Scrolls instead of catalysts.
Option Scrolls and Force Cores are divided into categories depending on the item level


Force Core Upgrading is done through the Core Alchemist NPC
The Force Core Upgrading UI has been changed

Obtaining Option Scrolls

Option Scrolls can be obtained by extracting armours and weapons with a transmuter
Option Scrolls can be either Random or Defined
Weapon Option Scrolls: Extracted from Weapons
Armour Option Scrolls: Extracted from Armour
An additional Option Scroll can be given depending on the upgrade level of the item being transmuted
The Option Scroll level is decided by the item grade

Random Option Scrolls

These scrolls grant a random upgrade attribute from the available options
Random Option Scrolls and Defined Option Scrolls can be used at the same time
When upgrading, the success/failure of the Random Option Scroll is decided first, then the success/failure of the Defined Option Scroll, if the two are used together.

Options for each part

Dungeon Point (DP) System


Players will receive Dungeon Points when completing dungeons


The DP gained, as well as the total accumulated DP, will be shown on the Dungeon Clear UI
The maximum DP that can be gained is 100
If no DP is gained in 3 hours the total DP is reset to 0
DP can be exchanged for items at the DP exchange NPC Peticia in Port Lux

Dungeon Points for each Dungeon

Dungeon Point Item Exchange

Cube Rewards

Each Cube has its own rewards, similar to the Mission War Buff Capsules
Cube of Experience rewards a Potion of Experience (low, medium, high, highest)
Each Potion of Experience can grant the following

Cube of Soul rewards a Potion of Soul (low, medium, high, highest)
Each Potion of Experience can grant the following

Cube of Enchant has the following rewards (Slot Extender rewards depend on the grade of the Cube of Enchant)

Other Additions

Astral Bike Changes and Additions
'Plasma Coating Kits' are changed to 'Bike Coating Kit - Colour'
'Bike Coating Kit - Colour' is sold by the Grocer in each village
'Bike Coating Kit - Colour' is applied by right-clicking on the coating kit then clicking on the Astral Bike
The following colours are available
Dark Red
Dark Blue
Burnt Yellow
Dark Viridian
Iron Yellow
Permanent Dark Red
Dark Ultramarine
Astral Bikes can now be upgraded to +15
New item Astral Bike upgrade kit is required
Astral Bike Blue level requirement lowered to level 60 (BSL 7 or above)
Battle Style Specific Armour
Bluestin/Titanium/Osmium is now class-specific
Class-specific attribute only applies to armour obtained after the update
'Class Attribute Card' is sold by the Port Lux Grocer to enable switching non-specific Armour to class-specific Armour.
Class-Specific Armour has an HP increase attribute
The amount of HP increased depends on the item level
New Convenient Dungeon functions
Added SP dice when completing a dungeon
BSLV 6 or above can recharge SP with the SP dice
SP dice is only available for Mission and DX dungeons, not quest dungeons
The amount of SP recharged depends on the Battle Style Level
BSLV 6-18: Recharge 0-5 bubbles of SP (0-25,000)
BSLV 19: Recharge 1-6 bubbles of SP (5,000 - 30,000)
Added a treasure chest to Panic Cave DX
Added Movement Speed to Character Information UI
Added option for Fade Step to move to the cursor
Added a method to receive items from Cash Inventory
Ctrl+Left Click moves items from the Cash Inventory
Added CABAL Logo watermark when the UI is hidden
Added Screen Options to Settings
Full Screen mode / Window Mode / Changeable Full Screen mode
It is possible to change Full Screen to Window mode by pressing 'Alt + Enter'
Added Guild Notice to Guild Information UI, and a Scroll function to the Guild Introduction UI
Added SIGMetal Material and Quartz cores to the droplist for Mutant Forest and higher
Added Item Lock function
During Item Lock neither inventory use or item exchange will be permitted
Added Nation War Reward Warp to the centre of Pontus Ferrum
Added Maximum zoom/out option
Added Entry Items for levelling quests from level 70-100
Added new Mercenary 'Maximum Level Rabbit'
Added ASC controller destroying mission to 'ASC controller' Scenario quest


It is now possible to re-enter a solo dungeon after a disconnect
A new entry item is not needed to re-enter the dungeon
Re-entering is only possible for 10 minutes after the disconnect
Re-entering is limited to the same dungeon in the same channel
Changed Epic (crafted) Items
Example: Deathblow Craft
Epic 1 - 3 refers to crafts of 6% - 10% Critical Damage (1-handed weapons)
Epic 4 - 7 refers to crafts of 16% and higher Critical Damage (1 handed weapons)
Changed colour of Epic items 1-3
Changed colour of Epic items 1-3 without slot to Lime
Changed colour of Epic items 1-3 with slot to Green
Changed the names of Epic Items 4 - 7
Destruction - Destructive
Amp - Outrageous
Adept - Skilled
Will - Convictional
Deathblow - Fatal
Restoration - Anabiotic
Luck - Miraculous
Changed the name of Vampiric Items
Epic items 1 - 3: Absorption
Epic items 4 - 7: Bloodsucking
Changed Quest Interface
Changes so that users can easily check the progression and details of quests
Changed so that Quest Summary information UI will be shown
Changed so that quests are divided into 'Quest in Progress', 'Scenario Quest', 'Normal Quest'
Quest Summary information UI is movable and stackable
The maximum number of Quest Summary information UI's is 5
Quest Monster location and items is shown on the GPS, marked as an X or purple triangle
Changes to the drops of certain dungeons
Changed option of certain low / high level epic items
Changed so that Buff potions and Blessing beads will not drop in weakened dungeons
Changed so that Extract Potions will not drop in certain dungeons
Dungeons: Lake in Dusk, Frozen Tower of Undead B1F, , Frozen Tower of Undead B2F
Changed the option of ‘Attack’, ‘Magic Attack’ to ‘All Attack UP’
Changed the option of ‘Sword / Magic Skill Amp.‘ to ‘All Skill Amp.UP’
Changed the slot option of Earrings / Bracelets to low epic option
Changes in the drops of Named Monsters
Forgotten Ruin
Astral Bike(Blue / RW3)
Epaulet +7
Slot Extender(Low / Medium)
Osmium Armor(Normal / Low Epic level 1 or above, High Epic level 1 or above)
Bike Upgrade Kit(Low / Medium)
Astral Bike(Blue / RW3)
SIGMetal Epaulet
Slot Extender(Low / Medium / High)
Shineguard / Teragrace / Mystic Armor(Normal / Low Epic level 1 or above, High Epic level 1 or above)
Bike Upgrade Kit(Low / Medium)
Pontus Ferrum
Astral Bike(Blue / RW3)
SIGMetal Epaulet
Slot Extender(Medium / High / Highest)
SIGMetal Armor(Normal / Low Epic level 1 or above, High Epic level 1 or above)
Bike Upgrade Kit(Low / Medium)
Porta Inferno
Astral Bike(Blue / RW3)
Epaulet +8
Slot Extender(Low / Medium / High / Highest)
Mithril Armor(Normal / Low Epic level 1 or above, High Epic level 1 or above)
Bike Upgrade Kit(Low / Medium)
Changed so that the sub-password will be applied on the creation of the inventory / warehouse
Removed the penalty from certain dungeons (Mission, DX, certain quest dungeons)
Changed the contents of certain quests
Monsters below level 34 is set to non-aggressive
Users can delete normal quests
Changed the Battle Style Level requirements for certain quests
Changed some NPC locations in certain dungeons
The casting time for Battle and Aura mode has been removed
Battle mode status is now saved during logout and login
Lautus Pluma is now set to aggressive
Removed the Core Cube reward from Mission Dungeons
Changed the weapon appearance of Wizard and Force Archer so the weapon equipped on the left side will show, regardless of the grade
Changed to show Titanium/Pherystin armour during character creation
Set new characters to spawn in front of the NPC that gives the first quest
Changed so that it is possible to destroy Lycanus, SIGMetal, and Drei Frame
Changed to save Board/Bike summon status during logout/login or channel changes
Changed to make the speed of summoning an Astral Bike or Astral Board identical
Lowered the droprate of Armours in Fort Ruina and the Undead Ground
Changed the Item Class of Shadowtitanium to Medium
The bamboo forest in the middle of Green Despair was removed

Credits: Cabal EU

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Jumat, 10 Juni 2011

Grand Epic Online: An Epic Gaming Experience

Ever since there came the concept of browser game, editorialists have been exclaiming over the new dimension of computer gaming. But as for browser-based MMORPGs, most we get in past years are only disappointments that are more of a texting game with very limited, if none at all, visual or action elements. Good thing is we now see real progress.

We finally see a browser game that lives up to the category of MMORPG and mark as an epic in the industry as its name implies. Its name is Grand Epic Online PH. Grand Epic Online (GEO) PH is an innovative 2.5D browser MMORPG presented by RUNUP Information Technology Corp. With an accurate depiction of Chinese fairyland, Grand Epic Online PH is able to deliver the best gaming experience via its interactive story quests where Chinese beliefs such as natural harmony, true love, personal sacrifice & collective interest were told.

In addition to the richness of Chinese culture, Grand Epic Online PH also introduces multiple unprecedented features to enhance gameplay, such as quest auto-navigation, pet raising and mounting system, polymorphic transformation and etc. Instead of the traditional turn-based combat mode found in many other browser-based MMORPG, Grand Epic Online PH incorporates a highly realistic and powerful real-time combat mode. With a series of hotkeys, you can control your own avatar in the game with ease and battle against your enemy in real time! Furthermore, there are many other exciting features waiting for you to explore. As the name implies, Grand Epic Online PH will offer you an enjoyable journey to seek the best of yourselves.


This MMORPG introduces real-time action combat with the technical breakthrough of providing in-game auto-fighting system. This allows you to continuously level up when you want to take a break from the fun level grind.

The rule of survival in Grand Epic Online is to build the strongest character. Character will have an immortal body after all eight meridians are open. Oriental philosophic concepts are being used to provide various ways to enhance the character power, such as reincarnation, dual immortal practice, and enlightenment, each offering a specific way of self-strengthening. This is a real fun keeper, because it offers almost unlimited chances of power growth.

Shapeshifting is also one highly innovative feature in Grand Epic Online, unprecedented in any previous works. Transforming into different monsters will give the player different bonus attribute enhancements as well as a disguise when fighting players in PK.

Various pets and mounts with many capabilities and functions are customized for different players. Pets have different powerful attack skills which can be of great assistance in fighting monsters. Now let's go ride dragons and roam the world!

Register now by clicking this link: geo.runup.com.ph. No download required! (You can also login from foreign accounts using the social networks: Facebook, Friendster, Yahoo, Google, MSN, LetsMMO.)

OB launching is already next week. Special game events is already prepared for players so please keep in touch on our website for the exact date and time. You can also join our FB fan page at http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=151545854913859# for more fun and excitement!



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Kamis, 02 Juni 2011

Tomb Raider Debut Trailer

Credits: IGN.com

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Sqwishland.com Pinoy Kiddie Promo Extended!

Good news to all Filipino kids, Sqwishland.com, the first Pinoy online game for kids is extending its promo until June 30, 2011.

Prizes that will be given away are 100 different collection of Sqwishland toys worth P2,000 each; 10 prizes of P5,000 cash; three prizes of Apple iPod Touch 8GB courtesy of Mobile 1, and a whopping P50,000 cash.

All kids have to do is to find a secret code inside the Sqwishland capsule toy, after registering for free at www.sqwishland.com kids can enter the secret code and will be instantly notified if they have the winning Sqwishcode.

Sqwishland.com is an online game for kids where they could register and play educational mini games for free, its one inch toy counterpart has a Sqwishcode inside that kids can use to enjoy more of Sqwishland’s features, such as buying a pet and a house, dressing up their avatars, building their own house, buying food to care of their pets, and accessing premium games. Kids can also safely make friends, interact, and play with other members throughout the world.

Sqwishland.com is the first Philippine-made online game that became global, charming kids throughout the US, Canada, and Australia, and now the Philippines. The game is developed and maintained by Filipino game designers in Funguy Studio. Its huge popularity also paved the way for the creation of game applications for iPhone.

Sqwishland is distributed in the Philippines by Richwell Trading and available at Toy Kingdom, Toys R Us, and other leading toy stores throughout the Philippines.

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