Kamis, 30 September 2010

Porta Inferno Opens on Oct. 14

Cabal PH has just announced that the latest Cabal patch, Porta Inferno, will go live on October 14.

Credits: PM Nathan of Cabal PH

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Rabu, 29 September 2010

Cabal's New Transcender Skills

Today's update is all about the new skills, and I have included every level of every skill, not including the 4 new buff skills (If needed I can provide these as well, but I am fairly sure these 4 skills will either be on level 20 or not trained at all). So, as you might imagine, the blog update is a bit image-heavy and it might take a while to scroll all the way to the bottom. To compensate for that there will not be too much text - just for today, of course.

So, let us get started.

The new skills do look really good. I have been playing with them for a while now and I am very far from being bored with them. They all feel good and fast to cast, and they all have a very decent area of effect.

New combos will have to be created as well, but that much everyone knew as well. I doubt there is any class that will not use their new skills. Some classes will be able to cycle Transcender / Completer / Grand Master, but not everyone - others will need a filler skill, mainly to compensate for the cooltime on the Grand Master skill. I am sure it will not take too long until standardised combos become part of the accepted Cabal wisdom.

Oh yes, and before you ask. There might be an event for the new skills. Or, perhaps not... Some things are best left as a surprise, I think. I have posted something about this in a thread in Nevareth chronicles some time ago, and everything I said there about a possible event is still valid. On the other hand, the new map looks good enough to make farming for skills there a not too unpleasant prospect.

On to the new buff skills. These are only for the Force Archer and Blader classes, and each of them gets two. Force Archers get Offensive Bless and Curse Remove, and the Bladers get Curse Dodge and Fatality Increase. All of these, apart from Curse Remove, are party exclusive buffs. This is something that especially the Blader has been missing for a long time now, because other than dealing good damage the Blader had no other particular function in party-play. Curse Dodge is, however, PvP only and does not work on debuffs from bosses. It adds a very interesting dynamic to TG for example, as it is mainly aimed at mitigating the impact of some of the Force Blader debuffs. If you have Curse Dodge active and a Force Blader hits you with a debuff you will see a 'Miss' above your head, in red (the same as when you take damage). The debuff on the Force Blader side will go into cooldown - so Force Bladers will have to be alert enough to spot the Curse Dodge icon on their target before wasting good debuffs.

Curse Remove from the Force Archer works the same way, which means it is also PvP only. It also only removes unmovable effects - Execration and Field of Execration. If you have both of them on you both will be removed with one cast.

The other two buffs will just improve party damage a bit. Offensive Bless will add 20 attack, 20 magic, and 300 attack rate at the highest level, and it is a long-duration buff. Fatality Increase gives the entire party 8% more critical damage, but only lasts for 90 seconds - so stacking it with Fury Shout is one option, for example.

That's about enough words, so allow me to move on to the heavy scrolling part for today.

New Attack Skills

New Buffs

With regards to the two questions from the last post: on the un-extending of items - ESTsoft has confirmed that it is no longer possible. You will not be able to break the effect of a slot extender after the update by failing the upgrade on +8 or higher.

Credits: Cabal EU

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Selasa, 21 September 2010

Cabal's New Upgrading System

Upgrading simply by clicking on a core, then clicking on the item you wish to upgrade, is now a thing of the past. Upgrading items via any Core Alchemist has likewise gone the way of the dinosaurs, visible only in the museum of old screenshots. (Well, I am not talking about force core upgrades, now - only the +8 to +12 item level upgrades can be done anywhere. To fill the item slot you still need to visit your friendly local Alchemist.) The upgrading process now has a completely new, separate interface, that is accessible either via right-clicking on a core, or by clicking on the small button on the lower left side of your personal inventory screen.

The Upgrade Interface button on the inventory screen

The new Upgrading Interface

It doesn’t take much to figure out what is where on the new upgrading system. Item on the left, core/s at the right, and the section to display the result, along with the upgrade button, at the bottom. You add the item, the needed amount of cores, try to think positive thoughts, and hit the upgrade button. Succeed, and the item gains +1 upgrade level. Fail, and you can lose 1 to 2 upgrade levels.

The following guide should show you how simple it is:

Find a semi-decent item...

...add it, along with cores...

...and try to be lucky...

...or not, as the case may be

With the new system upgrading doesn’t take only one core. For the first couple of levels it does, after that you need two, then three, then four cores. Trying to upgrade with less cores is not possible. It is also not possible to use say Highest Cores on anything other than Mithril or Lycanus, while High Cores only work on Osmium to Sigmetal levels. Yes, cores are now limited to their actual item level.

The following list shows the amount of cores needed, per level (one a slightly related note, using a perfect core means you only need one core, instead of say two or three or whatever the case may be).

Core requirements for every upgrade level

One of the big questions also referred to the amount of stats items will gain for every +. EST provided the following table:

Item stat gains per upgrade level

Upgrading Astral Bikes did not change. You still need to right-click on the coating kit, then click on the bike. Their upgrading level is also still limited to +7, and failing the upgrade from +6 to +7 will still reset the Astral Bike to +0 again.

Credits: Cabal EU

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Senin, 20 September 2010

Aika Castle Siege

Castle Siege is a PvP (player versus player) feature unique to Aika where the guilds and guild alliances within a nation compete in a bloody campaign to secure the Lakian Fortress — the ultimate national seat of power. Every week, all five nations will each be host to a potential military revolution, where the Lord Marshal and his ruling regime must defend the Fortress against an onslaught of would-be usurper guilds and guild alliances. As the Fortress is very heavily fortified and the incumbent administration is given large status and damage bonuses, it is no simple task for the invaders to achieve victory within the designated time limit.

A guild which aspires to reign may form an alliance with up to three other guilds and perfect a strategy for takeover. However, since only one of up to four alliances (aside from the incumbent guild or guild alliance) may rule over the nation, each alliance must also fend off other rivals for the throne. The considerable rewards of attaining ruler status through Castle Siege are not easily won, but ambitious guilds led by formidable guildmasters won't ignore the opportunity to acquire power of this scale. The Lord Marshal of every nation controls taxation, relic upgrades, international military alliances, allocation of defensive resources, and more. Those Aitan within the Lord Marshal's guild are given privileges worthy of their special title — Lord Marshal's Knights — including immunity from the penalty inflicted on those who kill their countrymen.

Every week, guilds and guild alliances may apply via the Castle Siege Administrator in Regenshein during a specific time window to participate in that week's Castle Siege. There is room for up to 16 guilds to compete, including guilds in alliances. The regime in power is automatically entered into the battle. The final list of guilds and guild alliances is announced the day before the Castle Siege. Guilds on the offensive side are assigned to one of four starting points on the outside of the Fortress (A through D in the graphic below), while the Lord Marshal's guild or guild alliance takes the fifth point (E). In order to achieve victory, a guild or guild alliance must break down one of the gates to gain entry into the castle, tag three out of five of its protective orbs to break the shield over the Marshal's Flag, and then keep other attacking guilds and the defending regime busy while its guildmaster takes the flag from the central platform. This must be accomplished within the Castle Siege time limit, which is one hour.

Once a guildmaster has successfully acquired the flag, the Castle Siege is over and that guildmaster's guild or guild alliance has won supreme control over the nation for the week. If the battle was won by a guild alliance, the guildmaster of the leading guild in the alliance becomes Lord Marshal and the other alliance guildmasters become Archons. The Archons assist the Lord Marshal in ruling the nation, and they and their guild members receive status boosts as well. If none of the attacking guilds or guild alliances accomplishes this goal, the incumbent regime has retained the right to continue its dominion over the nation.

[How to Apply]
You can apply to participate in Castle Siege through Roberto Delfino located at the Administrative District.
* Reminder
- Apply once you have all the requirements.
- Once applied, it cannot be cancelled.
- Character is in War Channel of the Nation you belong to.
- Belong to Legion of level 2 or above
- Character is a Legion Master or Alliance Master
- 1,000,000 Gold (Should be in the Legion Warehouse)
- Only 1 application is allowed
Application Period
Application for Castle Siege should be submitted between 00:01 Monday to 23:59 Wednesday every week.

Invitation for Alliance can be send from Legion Information > Alliance Information menu.

Once application is completed, your Legion(Alliance) will be limited to;
- Send Alliance Invitation / Enter an Alliance / Delegate Alliance Master title / Dissolve the Legion
Once the list of participants is announced, participating Legions(Alliances) are limited to;
- Send Alliance Invitation / Enter an Alliance / Delegate Legion Master title / Delegate Alliance Master title
/ Dissolve the Legion
Maximum of 4 Legions or Alliances are selected to participated in the Castle Siege. List of participants is announced at 17:00 every Thursday. You can check the list in the Castle Siege tab under Nation Information, “N” for shortcut, menu.

[How to Enter]
You can enter the Castle Siege zone through Roberto Delfino.
Defenders – Able to enter immediate upon start
Attackers – Able to enter 5 minutes after the start
All HP gauge, aside from allied forces, will be displayed in color red.
- Legion Masters can command their forces through Alliance Command, Nation Command chat mode.
- Legion Masters are marked during Castle Siege
Castle Siege is held every Saturday from 8:00 ~ 9:00 PM (One Hour).
If the Legion Master of the attackers completes “Marshal Ceremony” for 2 minutes at the “Marshal Ceremonial Altar” in the Crac des Chevaliers, attackers win the Castle Siege. On the other hand, if the attackers fail to do so, the defenders win.
Marshal Ceremony can be held only if members of allied forces have Water, Fire and Air Orbs (after
destroying them). Therefore, the goal of the Castle Siege for each side is;
Defenders – Prevent attackers from having the Marshal Ceremony.
Attackers – Complete the Marshal Ceremony within the time
Castle Siege Zone
Castle Siege zone is composed of 1 defenders area and 4 attackers area.

[Castle Siege Information]
During the Castle Siege, if the character is within the zone, you can check the progress and other information through “Castle Siege Information” menu.

Information of Guard Tower ownership and Orb status is shown in real-time.
Place the cursor over different icons in the map to check current status.

[Castle Siege Items]

Total of 5. Only attackers can destroy these gates.

Total of 5. Only 2 of these gates can be destroyed by attackers. Other 3 gates are just an illusion that HP is decreased if attacked but will not be destroyed.

Total of 5 Orbs, Water, Fire, Air, Earth, and Dark, are in 5 different locations. Only attackers can destroy them. If all 5 are destroyed, Water, Fire and Air Orbs are activated and Legion members are stamped with these 3 Orbs.

Belongs to defenders and out of 7 towers, 3 towers are placed by the Marshal. Guard Towers serve as defensive line but, once taken by the attackers, it will turn back and start attacking the defenders.

Insignia of Marshal is kept here, protected by a force field. However, once all the Orbs are destroyed, the force field loses its power and it remains unprotected.

1) Characters that do not belong to any Legions or Alliances announced as participants in the Castle Siege can also enter the Castle Siege zone through Roberto Delfino once initiated.
2) You choose whether to fight under Defenders, Attacker A, Attacker B, Attacker C or Attacker D. Once you have chosen, you cannot switch sides until the siege is over.
3) Members of participating Legions or Alliances cannot choose sides.
[Conditions for Non-participants]
1) Non-participants will not stamped with 3 Orbs or the Insignia of Marshal.
2) Non-participants will join Castle Siege as temporary member of chosen Legion or Alliance.
3) Non-participants belonging to same Legion but have chosen different sides will be recognized as enemies and will be able to attack each other.

More Free Videos Here

More Free Videos Here

Credits: GPotato, T3Fun, MMOSite

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Rabu, 15 September 2010

Porta Inferno Download Links

The big patch is under testing as of this writing and if no major, major problem pops out from the testing we will be in time for the release of the much-awaited update mid-October. By this time, you can download the manual patch from the links below:

E-Games FTP



File Factory

Password will be posted on day of live server implementation.

Credits: Cabal PH

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Selasa, 07 September 2010

Cabal Online Episode 4 Trailer and Updates

ESTSoft today announced details of the latest free expansion for CABAL Online. Episode IV: Porta Inferno will be released this month for free download in Europe and the United States, expanding the level cap to 180, adding a brand new hunting region and introducing a range of stunning new skills. It will continue to build on the winning formula that has made the game a global success, with fast-paced action, a unique combo system and spectacular skill animations.

CABAL Episode IV will lead players through the portal to the gates of hell, transporting them to the edges of the world to a place inhabited by the deadliest and most vicious scourge. It will put them face to face with the strongest foes ever to grace the lands of Nevareth, with outdoor bosses and a series of challenges to overcome.

Other notable features of the expansion include:

* Increased level cap from 170 to 180.
* New Maps – Porta Inferno and Chaos Arena Level 6.
* New Quests.
* Revamped item upgrading system – Ability to upgrade equipment to +15, giving the item improved stats and appearance.
* Social Network Integration – Register and post tweets to a twitter account while inside the game.
* Expanded War System – All players above level 51 will now be able to participate in the nation war battles.

New Skills

Easy to find right now. There's an event going on for a week where you can get the new skills and such...although drop rate seems to be decent for them in PI anyway(already had a guildy get one while grinding )

Item Upgrades

I would recommend to just sell your cores unless you have hundreds and HUNDREDS of cores. I tried upgrading my suit with it starting at +8 with full Enhanced Cores and it went like this:


It seems that if you do NOT use Enhanced Cores, you will go down -2 if you fail...if you do use enhanced cores you will only go down -1. If you do a mix I imagine it would do either -2 or -1.

New Daily Quests

There is a variety of new Daily Quests for the new Porta Inferno Map you have a choice of which ones you want to do(can only pick one of each kind).

Chaos Arena 6

It's pretty nasty...not at all easy. Seems most of the mobs in there are ranged so you pretty much HAVE to kill every spawn before the next one or you are screwed. No cores or anything drops from the mobs...only alz. So if you don't beat it and get to the final chest you get no loot at all. The EXP is so so at the moment...since every single mob in there is ranged it's really hard to mob them up in a good group.

First Spawn: Chaotic Fallen Steed

Second Spawn: Chaotic Lizard Fish

Third Spawn: Chaotic Nadiell

Fourth Spawn: Chaotic Ariyak

Fifth Spawn: Chaotic Dark Archer

Sixth Spawn: Chaotic Ispita

Seventh Spawn: Chaotic Elder Demon

Eighth Spawn: Chaotic Dark Kimzark

Ninth Spawn: Chaotic Incubus

Tenth Spawn: Chaotic Nola Ispita

Final Boss: Chaotic Leth Tyrant

Random New BL Party buff and stats:

Porta Inferno
First thought....I LOVE THIS MAP!!!!!! The look of it is REALLY cool and there's dragons flying around in the sky. Rounding up 4-5 mobs at the very beginning gives the same exp(maybe a touch more) than mobbing up 10 mobs in the cornus area. As for bosses...they all require a party as the regen when not attacking is EXTREME!!! Such as l.....l that every 2 seconds or so. Drops seem to be mainly UCH/UCHH with the worst drop for me so far being a no slot Sig piece...that's right no force cores as of yet.
--Just a side note...bosses will not attack you until you attack them...except for the final one lol...

A cool looking statue thingy around Manticore:

Outside the center part of the map:


Dark Kimzark:

Grind Spots
I've only found 2 somewhat decent ones...the one farther in the pink area gives better exp if you hide behind one of the gates...it kind of acts like the Branny spot in MF except the mobs are more ranged...the spots I found to be okay are marked with the blue "X"

Epic Grind Spot
Found a pretty good grind spot where the mobs really come flowing from 2 different sides. The best exp is when you are solo...


EXP Gain

WEXP Leveling Guide

8.871% exp gained(after quest)-8.483% exp gained(before quest)=0.388%
100/0.388=257.7319588x7,000,000m EXP=1,804,123,711 EXP in Level 171

1,804,123,711/20,000,000(WExp reward)=90.21 WExp Trades

Note: The above showing how I got the amount of trades for 171 will stay up so I have a guide to go off of for 172 and up.

WExp Needed:

Level 171-->172
WExp Needed: 9,100

Level 172-->173
WExp Needed: 10,000

Level 173-->174
WExp Needed: 11,000

Level 174-->175
WExp Needed: 12,200

Level 175-->176
WExp Needed: 13,500

Level 176-->177
WExp Needed: 14,900

Level 177-->178
WExp Needed: 16,500

Level 178-->179
WExp Needed: 18,200

Level 179-->180
WExp Needed: 20,200

WEXP Per Level

Credits: MMOSite, Cabal EU

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