Sabtu, 13 Februari 2010

Illusion Castle Entices

ESTsoft, developer of the Philippines' leading MMORPG Cabal, has just released new updates regarding Illusion Castle, the latest addition to the top online game.

Updates posted February 10, 2010:

- changes to the item proprieties window

- changes to the effect of belts

- few changes to the Illusion Castle

ESTsoft continues to polish the upcoming Cabal Patch much to the delight of its avid gamers.

*note:- These weapons drop from "Illusion Castle" dungeon
- They have high requirements (lv 120) also need high stats but have stats of osm lv because they can drop with triple epic options

The complete developer's notes and patch notes are still nowhere to be found as of this moment.

PM Jay of Cabal PH has already posted a teaser of the patch in the local forum to build up the hype among Filipino players. They intend to release it this summer, just in time for the Pinoy kids' school vacation.

Something for gamers to look forward to burn the summer heat with!

Credits: Cabal EU, Cabal PH

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Selasa, 09 Februari 2010

Cabal Illusion Castle Gearing Up!

Cabal's upcoming patch, Illusion Castle, is bound for release in March 2010, just barely three months after Reloaded went live.

The highly anticipated patch continues to be beautified by the reliable game developers, ESTsoft, to cater to players' delight and continue to engage them in the world of Nevareth.

Here are more expected upcoming changes as translated from Cabal KR:

- changes to UI:

* the window size of the character status has been expanded

* The icon of the battle mode has been moved to the lower right side of the character (Not sure, need to see SS).

- change the way party shows:

* original: show's a star

* change: party people name's appear yellow

- Change to the buttons of premium, DP, New updates, etc:

* all buttons will be shown in the bottom left

* icons and buttons are display to a maximum of 5

- Some icons changed:

* Death Penalty icon changed in size

- Christmas Tree from Bloody Ice has been removed.

- Increase the unique skill amplification options of the "Leica Anubis" weapon

- Improve mouse movement in "Illusion Castle".

- Add "Leica" weapons with slot that drop from "Illusion Castle" dungeon

*these weapons with slot cannot be extended.

*note: It seems that non-slot weapons can be extended with SEH, while weapons with slot cannot be extended. This was (I think) to not make the weapons too Op'ed.

- Quest experience is increased:

* This applies to Battle Style lv up and the upgrade quest (not sure what quest is this)

- Drop rate of the quest items in the "Brothers are strong: Zombie Warrior" quest has been increased

- The quantity of killed mobs in some "Monster Quests" has been reduced.

- few changes to blessing bead plus

- changes to Force Blader BS lv up at lv 50

- the cabal menu button has been added to the right

- Changes to the list of fonts sorted alphabetically

- few changes in Mission War

- The confirmation box that we get when we want to sell something at the NPC will be removed. (I am not sure about this, I will see in the future if it is true)

- Changes to the color of the guild warehouse alz.

There is no official Patch Notes released yet but I will definitely post it here as soon as I get hold of it.

For now, get a load of the new DX Dungeon, Crazy Streamer.

...and the new weapon, Star Leica.

Credits: Cabal EU

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Kamis, 04 Februari 2010

Freestyle PH Fouls Out

In an official announcement posted last January 28, GM Misty of Level-Up Games posted in the Freestyle Forum Boards that Freestyle, the country's first casual online game, is closing down on March 2, 2010.

Freestyle PH is closing to make way for the company's FPS game, KOS: Secret Operations.

Here is Level-Up's statement regarding the issue:

To our beloved Freestyle Players,

Before anything else, we would like to extend our deepest gratitude to the FS community for sticking it out with us through all these years. We can only attribute all the success of Freestyle because of your undying support.

Based on recent developments, JCE, the developer of Freestyle, has decided that it would be better to service the Philippines through their global servers. This thrust will hopefully foster a more competitive environment as the game moves on to an international ball park.

So it is with a heavy heart that we announce that the game servers of the first ever casual game in the country will shut down for the very last time on the closing hours of March 2, 2010.

It is difficult and painful for the Level Up! FS Team to say goodbye to 4 years of fun, friendship and camaraderie. There were good times and bad times, but through it all you guys never left us and for that we are grateful. It was truly one hell of a ride.

However, we hope you continue to keep posted to as we will be giving timely information on developments regarding Freestyle’s global service in the future.

To those who have remaining Blingies in the game, be advised that we will be converting them back to LU credits.

- To those who have no My! Level Up Account yet, you must create one so we may revert your remaining Blingies back into LU credits which you in turn may use for other LU games. To create a MyLU account now, click here.

- Remaining credits in-game will be converted back to LU credits on February 19, 2010 (after which, all remaining Blingies in the game will be wiped out).

- For those who would like to know what else is in store for the FS community in Level Up!, click here.

Level Up! is one big family and the FS Community will always and forever be a part of it.

Again, Thank you FS Playaz.

We Neva Lose!

-- FS TEAM --

Source: FSBoards

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