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Dragonica: Job Classes

Dragonica is a mmorpg that follows the cute avatars/characters formula used by other more recent mmorpgs.


Warriors only seek for strength for themselves. They might seem to be daredevils because of their strong desire of power but they are gifted with strong body and sharp combat sense. They are brave adventurers who know how to make good uses of their talents and gears in adventures. When the world is in danger, Warriors willingly throw themselves into the jeopardy of war to save their world. Warriors are fully prepared for the journey to prove their strength to the world. Their extraordinary melee talents in both attack and defense make themselves ideal vanguard in all battles.

When certain conditions are met, Warriors can grow into Fighters with maximized attack power or Knights with exceptional defense power.


One of superior classes of Warrior, Knights are the ones who have grown up from the great adventurers. Knights have put more importance on the advantages of war gears in addition to their physical strength. Intensified weapons and armors have given them more balanced status. Satisfied with the benefits of their gears, Knights always seek for greater combat gears rather than training their strength. Knights fight with their honor to save the world. With the maximized defense power which is obtained by using shields, Knights show outstanding ability in escort mission or defensive battle.


There are others who contantly make efforts to improve physical body strength rather than to depend on combat gears. They have firm belief in that gears can be lost or gone but their body can never be. They have extremely strong body, and they pour out their immense power through heavy weapons. Through their enormous physical strength and tough body, Fighters do not hesitate a second to save their endangered continent. Fighters are the best at charging their energy and concentrating the power on a single assault.


It is such a intense and difficult path to be isolated from the world to study sorcery. However, Magicians are ones who love magic even more than anything. Thus, they can overcome all the hardships they encounter in the magic tower. Even though they are only apprentice magicians yet, they are more wise and reasonable than anyone in the real world. They have entered the magic tower to study sorcery to establish a new principle of sorcery. However, the crisis that has come to their continent did not let them to focus on their study. They have realized that to finish their study, they must drive away the crisis of the world. They did not hesitate to barge into the war knowing that there is solid difference between learning from study and learning from the battle.

When certain conditions are met, Magicians can grow into Mages, the master of general Mage, or Battle Mage, the master of assault sorcery.


A superior class of Magician, Mages were reborn as sorcerers with more proficient sorcery skills. They have gained a whole new level of knowledge by combining what they have learned from study and battle. That knowledge has played a significant role in boosting their sorcery and academic value. They wanted to be put into more advanced battles for the pursuit of higher understanding and to build the foundation of such progress. They wanted to be called as Mages for their honor and hope. The crisis of the continent has finally brought the possibility to the creation of sorcerers with whole new level of power.


A superior class of Magician, Warlocks have fought in countless battles. While Mages have become what they are by combining lessons they got from the battles with their academic knowledge, Warlocks, on the other hand, have received the lessons they got from the battles exactly as they are and sublimated them into higher level. Warlocks trained themselves to have strong physical strength like Warriors do. At the same time, they have imbued magic power into their body to become even more stronger without any fear. Finally, they have succeeded in creating a new combat style based on the reinforced bodies of theirs. They are no longer considered or called as magicians. They have formed a whole new combat group in the name of Warlock, and have been reborn as advanced combatants armed with versatile combat capability.


Long range firing weapon, which requires much preparation time, has been said to be the greatest and most complicated weapon. Among all the long range weapons, bow is especially notorious for that it is the hardest one to control. Archers are the ones who have struggled with bows to be the true masters of them. It is even incredible to see that Archers are not only efficient in long range battle but also semi-efficient in close range battle. They are very proficient in swift hit-and-run strategy. They tackle the enemy with guerrilla tactics and save allies' time to prepare. As the crisis endangered the continent, they grabbed their bows to fight the war to save the world. Their participation is playing a significant role in wiping out the monsters and defending against them.

When certain conditions are met, Archers can grow into Hunters, bow experts and Rangers, Crossbow experts.


A superior class of Archer, Hunter is the most representing job which can be practiced with bow. They are very good at tracking animals' trace and using traps. They are experts in using bows who can shoot their target from any angle. Hunters can double their power by summoning animals they captured by training the animals. They have been receiving respect for their strong bodies and amazing bow skills. Upon the crisis of the world, Hunters volunteered to join the army. They have upgraded their marksman through cross-firing skill, and marched forward over countless victories in battle.


A superior class of Archer, Ranger is so called the master of mountain battle. Rangers are the special forces who travel in steep geography in rapid speed. They use a unique weapon called crossbow. In addition to their powerfully trained body, they use crossbow which is favored by Rangers for its small size and portability. The arrows that they shoot from their crossbow is so strong and fast that it is almost impossible to see. They have developed unique battle styles using crossbow, and it made Rangers the strongest troops of the continent.


Thieves used to wander around the dark streets of slums and they were the ones who loved hat they do. However, the crisis of the world would not let them to continue with their comfortable life anymore, and they realized that they have to come forth to resolve the predicament. Thieves have formed an organization called Guild, and it began to prove its ability as information organization. They are so used to ambushing and sneaky attack that they have never fought a straight battle. Especially, Thieves are the special forces who are matchless in urban guerrilla battle. They know about city and the buildings so well and they have mastered the city battle tactics. There are so few ho could capture them in city.

When certain conditions are met, Thieves can grow into Clowns, who use various tactics and skills, and Assassins, who are more specialized in battle.


A superior class, Clown has a very positive personality and always try to entertain others with various joys. With reasonable way of thinking, they look at every matter in a positive way. They put makeup on their faces and try to take others' sadness by replacing with laughter. As all the difficulties occur due to the crisis of the world, Clowns poured all the sadness that they have been collecting from people to the monsters. Enormous curses, fear, and impact were directly put on the monsters, and Clowns took out the claws that they have used when they were Thieves to conduct surprise attack to the monsters. Their tactics have become even more hilarious and chaotic leading them into continuous victories, and their spirit have become a paragon for many others.


As the superior classes of Thieves, Assassins have crawled deeper into the darkness. They are geniuses of infiltration and self-secretion thanks to their ability to assimilate themselves to the darkness. Assassins use poison to attack multiple targets with the least amount of effort. They have chosen to use a wholly different type of weapon called Katar, and the use of it matched with their active and practical characteristics. As their belief, "To live, no action is cowardly," their priority us to survive not to defeat the monsters. Achieving their object despite that is the element that had upgraded their fame and threat.

Game Features:

Combat System

A mixture of classic 2D side-scrollers and combo heavy action games, Dragonica’s action is easy to learn but engaging to master. Experiment with various attack combinations to see the most eye-popping and comical combat animations.

Pet System

Purchase an egg to hatch a pet and watch it grow. Dragonica’s pets don’t only look cute, they assist in combat, and can even help you get around! Pets will show different emotions depending on how they are treated, so be a good master.

Owning a House and Shop

Own a house and decorate it with furniture, a pet house, a mailbox, or even trophies. Invite friends to the house for a private session and show off the place. Purchase a shop space to start a player trade even when logged out.

Multi Path Job System

Each character class upgrades to different ‘Jobs’ giving expanded flexibility and replay value. Three different job paths and one hidden path allow you to experience 12 different styles of play.

Credits: MMOSite and MMORPG Realm

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Illusion Castle's Surprises

Cabal KR has just updated their webpage with more tasty droolable Illusion Castle updates.

New Weapons: Star Lica

*note:- These weapons drop from "Illusion Castle" dungeon
- They have high requirements (lv 120) also need high stats but have stats of osm lv because they can drop with triple epic options as u can see in the pic.

New skill bar:

- change requirements of BS lv for lv 120 from 100 Bloody Orcs to 60.

- new quest from Magic dealer Keller in Bloody Ice:

* requirements: lv 85/BS lv 9 or higher

* reward is this ring:

- new DX dungeon: "Crazy Streamer":

*item required: Crazy Streamer

*requirements: lv 110 / BS lv 11 or higher

*duration: 20 minutes

*entry: Fort Ruina X - 40 / Y - 175

- also a new quest that tells about the DX dungeon "Crazy Streamer" that involves a ghost oO

*quest can be taken from Helen in Fort Ruina

- now we can re-enter dungeon if we get dc, but we have 5 min and only in party we can enter.

- we can complete Hidden helper quest even without DT cards.

- add formula cards for crafting fury potions small/medium/large sizes

*Formula Card : Fury Potion (Large) added to drop

- 8 slot expanding inventory, but I am not sure

- jukebox appearing will change

- add new item to game : belts

*note: belt's are not craft-able I am afraid, only drop-able in dungeons...

- changes to the GPS minimap

- possible changes to the quick-slot panel making possible to add more skills and combos

- drop rate of "yellow powder" is changed (increased I think )

- New dungeon "Underworld Illusion Castle" (dunno if this is the exact name)

* requirement: minimum lv 120 / BS LV11

* duration: 180 minutes

* Entry Location: Lakeside X - 171 / Y - 175

* Enter the items: a copy of "Welcome to the Apocalypse"

- new quest about "Underworld Illusion Castle":

*Can be taken from the magic dealer Nodaka

- new unique weapons Star Leica Series

- change duration of "Underworld Illusion Castle:

*original: 180 minutes

*change: 120 minutes

- change display icon of premium/free use

- change display icon of "New Map", "Level Up" button

- added icon to show duration of Battle Mode in top right

- many fixes, and other display changes

- added new qust to enter Mutant Forest

- ability to put mesages on unique items after droping

- few fixes

Credits: dedantemon of Cabal EU

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CAbal Reloaded Re-Explained

ESTsoft have decided to focus more on fixing and updating some of the oldest parts of the game rather than introducing masses of new content, so the name Cabal Online: Reloaded is particularly fitting. A big part of the update is also focused on improving the game for the new players, or for players making new characters, while at the same time setting it up for more challenging high-level content in the future.

The Raise Spirit buff, or SP-buff, from our beloved Wizard class. You will not be able to receive SP continuously any longer, regardless of the number of Wizards in the party. Every player will have an individual cooldown counter for the SP-buff, and that timer will stay - dying, relogging, or even restarting the game will not have an impact on it. If your sp has not cooled down yet, you will not be able to receive it again; which also means that there is no point in killing a single Wizard in a dungeon to have their buff reset for example. No more BM/aura/sp spam combination in dungeons, which also means that the party-balance will shift now that only one Wizard is needed per party.

New SP Cooldown Counter

Characters will receive quite a significant damage increase with the ability to equip 4 rings now, for example a FB can now quite easily equip 3x Critical Rings +2 at level 170, for 45% more critical damage. That's a major boost, any way that you look at it. If we look at the increased speed for the FS BM2 - especially with retargeting - it seems that they are balancing the loss of sp at least a little bit. The game won't be as easy as it was up to now, that is certain, but at the same time it might be for the good in the long run. Of course, not that that is going to stop anyone from complaining like hell in the short term

The second rather major change, or at least immediately noticeable one, is that the alz drop amount has decreased. A rough count in Pontus Ferrum shows it to be about 4x less - with no alz drop increase an average of 400 alz or so per drop, instead of the 1600 we have right now. To balance that is the fact that nearly every mob now drops alz, and in Pontus Ferrum at that where the drop rate is rather low.

The current DT dungeons are being phased out. This means the entries will no longer drop, and they will be removed from the cash shop. You might still be able to buy entries for a little while, but their time is limited. The DT dungeons are not completely removed from the game and you will be able to enter them if you have entries left, but they are assuredly not free to enter as many times as you want to. So if you are a farmer I would suggest stocking up on entries before the update.

The dungeons that are replacing the current DT ones, the Weakened versions of the Lake in Dusk, Ruina Station and the Tower of the Dead b1f are loads of fun. Your mileage may vary, of course, but it is fun. Skill-exp is doubled in the Weakened dungeons, and since Blessing Beads are a common drop in there you'll get an even greater boost. The beads dropping in these dungeons are 3-minute duration ones, 40% experience or 40% skill experience, which makes using them on the spot even more tempting. There is also a wide range of epic equipment that can be found, always character bound, and always time-limited. Here's one example:

I have run each of the Weakened dungeons several times already, and these maxcrafted epic drops are common. They serve as good motivation, and at the same they are bound and limited so it's a temporary increase in power only. And before the inevitable question gets asked: No, they will not become permanent if you are lucky enough to make them +7. They drop as duration and they stay duration. If you feel like trying to make one +7, and you succeed: congratulations, you now have a very decent low-level item for the next 10 days

I am also curious to see if ESTsoft would implement something similar on the higher level dungeons at any point in the future, or if this is something that will always stay only on the lowest levels. The fact that these are character bound also leads me to the next subject for today: the new looting rules. From the Developers' Notes we have these two images:

The binding part is the interesting section. If the drop will be character bound, and you are in a party when you find it one of two windows pops up the moment someone attempts to loot the drop (drops also stay on the ground for a very long time now, I have not timed them exactly yet but it's more than a minute). The moment someone picks up whatever dropped it is moved to a temporary inventory until it has been settled who should receive it. The first way is if your party leader has set the party to 'Roll a Dice'; you will get this window:

This will give you a limited time to click on the 'Roll a Dice' option, once clicked it is the same as if you used lot. The person with the highest lot receives the drop, as simple as that. If you cannot use the item simply use the 'Give Up' option, and you will not be able to lot for the drop. Letting the timer expire will also mean you forfeit your chance to gain whatever dropped, and it is the same as selecting 'Give Up'. If all the members of the party selects 'Give Up' the drop authority becomes free-for-all, but the equipment will still be character bound to whoever picks it up.

Your second option is this one:


However, the timer only starts once someone attempts to pick up the drop, so I guess it works out in the end. You also do not have the choice to opt out of this system, if the dropped item is going to be bound you will settle who gets it using one of these two methods.

I also promised to post some BM2 stats, so even though you will be able to easily test this for yourself once the update goes I'll post them in the meantime. These are the amp / crit damage / crit rate for the normal attacks and special attacks in BM2.

Force Archer

Fatal Shot: 10% Magic Amp and 100% Critical Damage increase

BM2 normal attack: no Amp bonus


Elemental Festival: 10% Magic Amp

Force Blader

Prismatic Blade Cannon: 10% Sword Amp

BM2 normal attack:
1st : 20% Sword Amp
2nd : 30% Sword Amp
3rd : 40% Sword Amp

Force Shielder

Shield Storm: 10% Sword Amp and 120% Critical Damage increase

BM2 normal attack
1st : 40% Sword Amp
2nd : 50% Sword Amp
3rd : 60% Sword Amp


Lance Drive: 10% Sword Amp
1st : 30% Sword Amp
2nd : 40% Sword Amp
3rd : 60% Sword Amp


Crushing Blow: 10% Sword Amp, 30% Critical Rate increase, 500% Critical Damage increase

BM2 normal attack: no Amp bonus.

BM2 skills also take Amp from the gear you are wearing, as I was able to see a noticeable damage increase as I increased the amp on my test characters. There was a question about the Magic/sword Amp for Force Shielder and Force Blader, as I understood it the special BM2 skills for those two classes used to have 10% Magic Skill Amp, but as of this update they will be Sword Amp based. But as I said: you will be able to test this ingame soon enough The last little rumour that I want to end is the one about the Rings of Luck being limited to two only. I am not sure where this originated, but that is false information. You can wear as many Rings of Luck as you want, but your maximum rate is capped at 30% from Rings. So you can wear two RoL+1, and 2 RoL+0 if you really wanted to.

Credits: Cabal EU

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Cabal: Illusion Castle

You have mastered all the dungeons Nevareth has to offer. You are just busy lazying the day away dancing in Bloody Ice and challenging other players to PVP with you.

Prepare to take up your sword and orb once more as Cabal comes up with Illusion Castle!

Credits: Cabal KR

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Jumat, 18 Desember 2009

Cabal Reloaded Full Patch Notes

Disclaimer: While we attempt to produce accurate patch notes, please be aware that certain details may be emitted, either intentionally or unintentionally.

1. Added New Quests to Gain Honor Points/AXP

1.1 Added New Honor Quests

1. Start NPC: Port Lux – “The Officer Morison”
2. Possible Starting Honor Rank: 0 ~ 10 Rank
* Previous Honor Quests: only 0~10 Ranks are allowed to play
* Previous Donation Quests & below 0 Rank quests are not allowed to play.
* Previous Plate of Honor is not dropped anymore. (Chaos Lamp, Forgotten Ruin)
3. Details

1.2 New “Honorable Donation” Quests

1. Start NPC: Port Lux – “Officer Morison”
2. Honor Rank that are able to start the new Honorable Donation quest: Rank -18 ~ -1
3. Mission: Alz Donation
4. Details

1. Start NPC: Bloody Ice – “Rune Agent Flasha”
2. Levels that are able to start the new Book of Soul quests: 160Lv.+ BSLV 11+
3. Start Item: Plate of Soul

4. Location of Item Drop
* Plate of Honor: Port Lux Map or higher
* Plate of Soul: Lakeside Map or higher
5. Details

2. Added New D.T. Dungeons
2.1 General Information

1. Basic Information

2. Requirements to Enter the Dungeon

3. Item Drop Information

4. Images

2.2 Previous DT Dungeons

1. Previous DT Dungeon Cards Removed
2. The previous DT Dungeons still exist, yet DT Cards are no longer dropped.
3. Quests related to the previous DT Dungeons are still available.

3. Expanded Party System

3.1 Changed Way to Open Party Windows

Previous: press K on the keyboard to open the party window.
Now: right click on a party member to open the party window.

3.2 Changed Party Window UI

1. Changed Party Member UI (A yellow star will be displayed for a party leader)
2. Changed Buff Tooltip
* Numerical values of the buff effects will be shown.

3. Changed Looting Rules

* Normal: items that are not character bound or character bound once equipped.
* Bind: items with character bound or character bound once equipped option.
* Immediate Settlement: The highest bid Alz is equally distributed among other party members.
* Leaders Only: the item is placed automatically into the party leader’s inventory when other players try to loot the item.
4. Added Looting Temporary Inventory
* During party play, items can be placed into the Temporary Looting Inventory when the player’s inventory is full.
* Only one item can be placed in the Temporary Inventory. The item can be moved into player’s inventory by left clicking on the icon or by pressing the space bar.
* During party play, the player cannot obtain the item when the Temporary Inventory is full, even if the player’s personal inventory is empty
* The use of Temporary Inventory is disabled when the player is not in a party.
* During party play, items are automatically placed into pertinent party member’s inventory according to the looting rules.
5. Change in the Default Party Invitation Authority
* Previous: Party invitation authority is only entitled to the party leader.
* Changed: Party invitation authority is entitled to every party member who joins the party.
* The party leader can change the invitation authority by right clicking the party window.
6. Obtained Alz is equally distributed among the party members.
7. Party Members Can Now Share Quests
* Hunting monsters quest type: Monster count is shown when the quest player is within range.
* Collecting items quest type: Quest items are dropped and are available even if other members who are not the doing quest defeat monsters.
8. Changes in Looting Priority
* Looting priority will be counted by total DMG output of a party, not by each character, when a monster is defeated
* Looting priority will be decided upon the monster’s death according to the character’s party status.
9. You can now change the order of party members in the party window.
* When the member order is changed, the party member select hot key (F5-F11) also changes.

4. Added Skill Books & Convenient Systems

4.1 Skill Books

1. Skills will be trained by reading skill books.
2. Properties of Skill Books
* Skills are trained by right clicking on the skill book. (The skill book vanishes after use.)
* Skill books cannot be stacked.
* When bought from the instructor, the buying price and the selling price of the skill book are the same.
o For skill books obtained from weakened dungeons, the selling price to NPCs is 0 alz.
* However, skills that are given as quest rewards are trained by the previous method.
* Skill books are available from instructors of each town.
o When there is no available quest, the skill book purchase window opens directly when the instructor is clicked.
o Either sword or magic skill tab opens as default according to the player’s character.
o The skills initially shown on the skill book purchase window varies according to the character’s current skill rank
* Only the skills that are not yet trained are shown.
* Skill books are tradable between players.
* Common skills such as lance, cannon etc. are shared between every relevant class except Force Archer.
* (The letters (FA) is added to the common skill’s name to show exclusivity when they are only for Force Archers.)

3. UI Details
* Skills already trained will appear in grey, skills that you can learn now will appear in white.
* Those you can’t buy nor train will appear in red.
* If you try to buy a skill book that has already been trained, a notice window reminds that fact.

4.2 Newly Added Convenient Functions on the Character Window

1. Adjustable Character Slot
* You can now drag and drop character slots to change orders
2. Recent Channel
* When you exit from the game by clicking “Server Select”, you will now see the last played channel.
* However once you log out, this will be reset.
3. Character status tool tip
* HP/MP/SP values will be displayed when you move a mouse pointer over the character status bar.
4. Character Window Renewal / New Information Added
* The Craft Tab is now accessed by pressing the 'F' key

# On the character select window, the order of the character slots can be changed using drag and drop.
# Information about Title Accomplishment

* Titles of monster kill, mission war and Mission Dungeon clear now shows your progress.

4.3 Updated Options

1. Copy, Cut, & Paste Function Added in Chat Window
* Words can be selected by dragging the mouse cursor while pressing the shift key
* Words and can be cut or copied by using Ctrl+X and Ctrl+C
* Cut or copied words can be pasted by using Ctrl + V
2. Other player’s level, buff/de-buff icons, and tool tips are shown on the target window.
* When clicking on other characters, buff and de-buff icons are shown on the target window, and tool tips are shown when a mouse cursor is placed on the icons
* For other players, buff icons are shown on the first line and de-buff on the second
* For monsters, de-buff icons are shown on the first line
# Sound Effects Added for Incoming Personal Messages

* It can be enabled through: option > sound > notify whisper
* When the chat window is activated, the notifying sound is muted.

# Time Command Added

* By using the time command, a player can see the year/month/day/hour. (The standard time depends on the server).
* Message shown: [current time]year, month, day AM/PM hour:minute
* EXAMPLE: [current time]2009.10.10 AM05:05
Quest Rewards Now Shown in Advance.

* Now it is possible to preview the currently available quests’ rewards
* Quest rewards: EXP, Alz, Item, Honor Points, AXP, Map Codes, Warp Codes

5. Newly Added Ring Slots


1. 4 slots are available in the ring slot
2. Now the character can wear 4 rings at once.

* However, “Critical rate” from ring items is capped at 30%.
3. When the mouse cursor is placed on each empty equipment slot, its name is shown on a tool tip.

* Belt items are scheduled to be introduced on next update

6. Released Buff Cap

* Now there is no cap for buff values any more.

7. Rewards for Battle Style Level Up Quests

7.1 Changes in Rewards for Battle Style Level Up Quests

# Characters who cleared previous battle style level up quests will receive the changed rewards additionally.

* Previous rewards already given to the character will not be deleted.

# Characters who cleared previous Lv10 battle style level up quest will receive Stone Aura as their Battle Aura.

7.2 Extra Rewards from Quests for Lv35 and Under

1. Accessories (Character bound / unlimited use)

8. Additional Features

1. Battle Aura Change Quest
* Prerequisite: Lv10, Class Lv2 or higher

2. ‘Entrance of Chaos Arena’ Mark Added

3. Pet Shadow / Pet EXP Indication Added
4. HP Down / HP Heal Amount Shown in New FX
* Old : Red orange color
* New : HP down shown in purple, heal shown in light green
5. Tool Tip Added for AXP Gauge
6. When you abort the game by choosing “Server Select” or “Character Select,” a warning message window pops up.

9. Changes

1. Change in the Graphics of Training Equipment (The default equipment you receive when you create a character.)

2. Change in Location and Properties of Field Monsters of lv95 and Up.
* Forgotten Ruin: Some monsters’ attack range is decreased.
* Lakeside: Lv required to enter the Lakeside is now lowered to Lv110.
* Mutant Forest: Lumberjack and Entrita’s immunity is deleted.
3. Forgotten Ruin, Lakeside, Mutant Forest, Pontus Ferrum: Change in location and increase in the number of some monsters.
4. Improvement in Force Shielder Battlemode2
* Reduced Casting Time
* Increased Damage: The skill AMP of ‘Shield Storm’ now applies to Magic skills.
5. The amplification of Force Blader Battle Mode 2 Skill is changed from Magic Amp to Sword Amp.
6. Increase in the Maximum Value for Overlapped Buff Values. (Doubled)
* Warrior’s maximum attack value has increased from 500 to 1000.
* Force Blader’s maximum critical rate has increased from 25% to 50%.
7. Change in Equipment Reward

8. DX Panic Cave Renewal
* Difficulty level has been lowered about 30%
* Nualle’s chasing speed has been slowed down.
* For all difficulty levels, epic items are dropped with high probability.
9. The gate area that appeared when moving from a map to another has been removed.
10. During conversations with NPCs. skill boasting is no more allowed.
11. Icons indicating NPCs and party members on the GPS/mini-map have been redesigned.

12. Temporary inventory now opens only when there are items inside it.
13. Event notice icons changed.

14. The gate area that appeared when moving from a map to another has been removed.
15. During conversations with NPCs. skill boasting is no more allowed.
16. Icons indicating NPCs and party members on the GPS/mini-map have been redesigned.
17. Temporary inventory now opens only when there are items inside it.
18. Event notice icons changed.
19. When casting a skill, cool time indicator has changed.
* Previous: skill icon is shown dark during cool time, and then returns to bright.
* New: After skill use, bright section of the darkened skill icon expands clockwise, according to its cool time.
20. Pet EXP now shows to two decimal points.
21. Scroll bars for chat box / game message box has been changed.
* If the scroll bar is dragged to a specific position, it remains in its place even if new words appear on the box.
* If there are no chat/system messages for a certain period of time, the letters now gradually disappear.
22. Help contents added and changed.
23. Cool time application for wizard’s raise spirit skill has changed.
* Cool time now applies to the individual players who receive the skill.
o When the raise sprit skill’s own cool time has been cleared, the skill can be cast to any party member who is not under the skill’s cool time.
* Cool time is 5 minutes per character, and the cool time does not reset upon the character’s death or re-connection.
* When the remaining cool time becomes 30 seconds or less, now the skill icon does not blink anymore.
* Player cool time icon for raise spirit skill as been added.
o When the skill is cast on a player the icon (in a de-buff icon form) appears and remains for five minutes.
o The icon remains regardless of the character’s re-connection or death
* Cool Time Application: Once the cool time is applied to a character, it goes for 5 minutes, regardless of the character’s status.
o If a player disconnects when his cool time was 4 minutes, and then re-connects 3 minutes after, then his cool time becomes 1 minute at the time of log in.
24. During Wizard’s Double Caster mode, if auto attack has been checked, two of the skills in the quick slot are automatically casted.
25. Pressing enter key enables you to proceed when Chaos Arena or Mission War entry confirm window pops up.
26. When invited to a party, the enter key does not apply to the accept icon anymore.
27. Rolling/ Dash / Blink / Fade Step are now forbidden to use in prison.
28. On the quest list tab, “Show available quests only” check box is now checked as default.
29. The shop selling price of duration weapons and equipments has been changed. (Now their selling price is lower than permanent items.)
30. Blended Rune activation will be notified on screen in red letters during PK or PVP.
31. The message that has been shown upon the use of lamps or cube type items has been deleted.
32. Re-spawn period of named monsters has been reduced.
* Re-spawn period of named monster on field, such as Ape+, Ghost+, Mechzard+, etc. has been halved.
33. Some of the quest scripts have been changed.
34. The system messages that appear when items at the personal shop are sold are now shown in different colors depending on the price of the item sold.
35. Level requirement for training apprentice rank skills has been lowered.
* Previous: Apprentice - Lv20 (battle style lv3) or higher
* New: Apprentice - Lv10 (battle style lv2) or higher.
36. The amount of MP used for activating Battle Aura has been lowered to 20.
37. Change in showing skill information.
* The additional damage on the skill information is now shown in integers
* Attk / Magic Attk Amp changed to Sword / Magic Amp.
* The duration of buff type skills will be shown in integers only. – Decimals will not be shown.
38. When auto attack option is enabled, the character’s action after upon failing a combo will be changed.
* Previous – Character stops action upon combo failure.
* New – Character uses any skill available upon combo failure
39. Increase in Alz drop rate and decrease in Alz drop amount.
40. Santa Fury Epaulet now can be sold to the NPC shop.
41. When you open the skill window of a magic using character, the magic skill tab shows as default.
42. New Titles Added

43. Guild warehouse storage fee is now shown.
44. Guild anniversary titles added.
45. The Formula Card that has been already registered is now indicated on tool tip.
46. During party play, when a bind item (except for weapons and equipments) is looted, the item’s image is shown on the item division window.
47. ‘Hide Message’ checkbox added on the warning window that pops up when trying to sell valuable items to NPC shops.
48. Names are now shown on the entrances to each world in the Warp Center.
49. ‘New’ labels added to skills newly trained.
50. SP5000 points are also given as the reward for the 10lv Battle Style Level Up quest.

10. Mission War

1. Additional Nation Reward
* Now the player can enjoy the winning bonus in all areas including Dungeons.
* Added AXP+10% bonus to Winning bonus
2. Santa’s Fury Epaulets are no longer allowed in the Mission War Channel.
* The epaulet cannot be equipped in Mission War lobby / field.
3. Restriction in Building Force Towers
* It is not allowed to build Force Towers when the player is riding a bike or a board. (Applies for both portable and immovable)
* Now the player will have 3 seconds cool time after using a Portable FT Panel.
* Once a Force Tower is built, it is not possible for the player to build another for the next 3 seconds
4. Changed Condition for Vital Gears
* Any effect by Force Towers will not be considered as a “Combat” action. Only the effects by other characters or guardians will.
* Vital Gears can be used in the lobby as well.
* Previous: usable only when non-combat time is over 10 seconds
o Vital Gear (HP) – Useable when non-combat time is over 7 seconds
o Vital Gear (SP) – Useable anytime
5. Now all party members can build a Force Tower or call a guardian.
* Every party member, including the party leader, can build a Force Tower or call a Legacy Guardian.
* Players not in a party cannot build a Force Tower or call a Legacy Guardian
6. Changed the Way of Accumulating Penalty
* Previous: Winner receives – 5% penalty and – 5% penalty deducted for the defeated
* Changed: Winner receives - 5% penalty, – 10% penalty deducted for the defeated. e.g. If a nation with 25% penalty is defeated, 15% penalty is applied to them next time.
7. When a character dies with a Legacy weapon equipped, the weapons previously used will be automatically equipped on revival.
8. The potion items dropped during mission war now shows max. lv. allowed to use.
9. Now sword master potions will be dropped as well as legacy weapons and magic master potions when points are taken.
10. Change in the time limit of item looting authority during mission war.
* Previous time limit: 1min.
* Changed time limit: 10sec.
11. During mission war, party UI and instant item indication UI overlaps. – has been corrected.
12. Force Tower building list is not shown when a character enters the channel by using channel select. – has been corrected.
13. If the character enters the channel after checking on “suitable hunting spot” on the GPS window, points are not shown on the GPS. – has been corrected.
14. When broadcasting, the character’s name is not shown on the chat window. – has been corrected.
15. Monster balance in the combat field has been adjusted by level
* Balance of Force Tower, Legacy Guardian, Legacy Barrier, Sage’s Ensign, War Gate have been adjusted by level.
16. For War Gate, when it is destroyed, it re-spawns every 3 min.
17. On the GPS window during mission war, the icon of the party leader is shown abnormally – this has been corrected.
18. Pets’ shadows are shown during mission war – this has been corrected.
19. On the character information window, HP auto restore value is shown incorrectly – this has been corrected.

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